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Airport High Security Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Road Blockers, Barriers, Bollards and Sliding Vehicle Gates

Avon Barrier is an international designer & manufacturer of high security Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions these include automatic bollards, fixed bollards, barriers, vehicle gates and road blockers. They are designed to protect critical infrastructure against a hostile vehicle attack in the form of a ram raid or a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).

Our HVM systems have been independently crash tested and are able to withstand an impact from a 7500kg truck travelling at a variety of speeds.

Our crash testing program physically tests our products to the internationally recognised standards PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656.

We have systems installed in over 85 different countries, and in the UK, our products are used in most of the major international airports.

Our crash tested products include:

Automatic Bollards
Static Bollards
Super Shallow Bollards
Rising Arm Barriers
Sliding Vehicle Gates
Road Blockers

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Company Profile

  • Auto & Static (Fixed) Bollards

    Avon’s Scimitar Hydraulic and Static Bollard range provides mitigation solutions against hostile vehicle attack where aesthetics and public perception are a consideration, with a selection of decorative sleeves available to complement street furniture and building architecture, the Scimitar Bollard range are all tested using a 7500kg vehicle but at different speeds and foundation depths.

    Our Avon SSF100 Resilience Bollard has a structural foundation depth of just 100mm. Its unique design allows it to be installed with the minimum of disruption to existing walkways or pavements. The bollards can be supplied with a variety of stainless steel sleeves for a modern finish, an ideal solution for providing blast standoff protection for airport passenger terminal buildings.

  • Road Blockers

    PAS 68 road blockers provide a security solution to a variety of site conditions

    RB780CR Chieftain Road Blocker – a permanent deep foundation blocker

    RB880CR Shallow Road Blocker, ideal where deep foundations are not practical or possible

    RB980CR Surface Road Blocker which needs no foundations at all, for fast deployment or temporary protection to sites.

  • Sliding Vehicle Gates

    The SG1100CR Armoured Vehicle gate has been tested to PAS 68 criteria and is capable of securing a clear width of up to 7metres. This high security gate ensures only authorised vehicles gain access to secure areas e.g. Airside. The gate can be customised with a variety of infills and topping and can be fitted with a high speed gate drive to enabling the gate to open and close at .5m per second.

  • Parking and Security Barriers

    The EB950CR Armstrong PAS 68 electro-hydraulically operated rising arm barriers. With versatile shallow foundations, have the appearance of traditional traffic barriers but provide high protection to a traffic control entry or exit point.

    Avon Barrier also provides a range of non crash tested security barriers and gates.

    The electric barriers can be used for parking control systems or vehicle access control and include:

    EB500 Parking Barrier

    EB750 Excel Security Barrier

    EB950 Armstrong Security Barrier


PAS 68 Hydraulic Bollards – HVM Crash tested

The Avon SB970CR Scimitar Security Bollard provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access without the need for an outwardly aggressive appearance. The PAS 68 impact tested bollard is an active automated bollard that …

PAS 68 Static Bollards – HVM Crash tested

The static bollard range provides protection from a range of determined threats from vandalism to the extreme of a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), scimitar bollards are ideal to discreetly protect sites where aesthetics …

IWA 14-1 Super Shallow Bollard – HVM Crash tested

Super Shallow IWA 14-1 Bollard, installed quickly, no need for deep foundations therefore less disruption during installation. The Avon Resilience SSF100 Bollard is an impact tested super shallow foundation bollard, designed to provide stand-off hostile …

PAS 68 Road Blocker – HVM Crash tested

PAS 68 Road Blocker physically crash tested. A Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) vehicle security barrier that can protect an airport access point, a physical deterrent that has been tested to withstand a 7500kg truck driven at …

PAS 68 Sliding Gate – HVM Crash tested

SG1100CR Armoured Vehicle Gate is an independently PAS 68 tested sliding gate that has been physically tested in a number of full scale independent crash tests.  The SG1100CR is a tracked sliding gate that provides …

PAS 68 Barrier– HVM Crash tested

A PAS 68 high security rising arm barrier that has been independently crash tested offering a high level of protection where central roadway foundations are not possible / practical. The Avon EB950CR Armstrong Barrier can …


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