Passenger Processing - Airports and Airlines self-service solutions – Immigration – Public transportation solutions (train stations & underground)

EASIER is the combination of IER & Automatic Systems Passenger Solutions, providing our joint customers a more comprehensive product range for Airports, Airlines & Public Transportation projects.

As a newborn entity of IER & Automatic Systems, EASIER will leverage the best of two of the world’s leaders and most successful airports, airlines and public transportation providers, while developing new products and services to offer a unique and differentiated passenger experience.

Key Figures

  • More than 100,000 e-gates implemented for public Transportation & Airline markets. 90 M daily users
  • More than 5,000 kiosks monitored 24/7
  • More than 200, 000 terminals deployed worldwide
  • More than 500 Customers (Airports, Airlines, Public Transportation)

Key benefits

PASSENGERS SYSTEMS EXPERTISE – IER and Automatic Systems, have lots of joint experience in passenger process solutions across the world. We know what it’s like to travel and how the ground journey can influence their experience as passengers. 

SOLUTION DESIGN –Our vision is to provide travelers with a memorable travel experience from the very start of their journey on the ground.

VALUE ON INVESTMENT For Airport, Airline and Public Transportation operators willing to take the self-service experience to the next level, EASIER provides the most relevant offer -from check-in to access control and boarding- based on exclusive hardware, software, and services, helping them reduce costs and increase revenues while enhancing passenger experience.

ROBUSTLY RELIABLE – Together, we develop a full range of high-end products that are founded on Automatic Systems’ and IER key strengths: performance, mechanical reliability, single-user detection, innovative style and throughput management.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE – Global Strategy & Local approach

Find out more on: www.go-easier.com


i420, compact and cost-saving check-in printer

The i420 is the latest desk boarding pass and bag tag printer, born from a strong reputation and expertise in the Passenger Processing area with a range of high performance check-in printers. It has been …

IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer

The IER-EASIER 400 is the most sold printer across airports worldwide and reveals very popular across handling companies & airlines using it as dedicated proprietary equipment. It is renowned for its robustness, reliability and efficient …

IER 602, Flatbed multi-format barcode reader

The IER-EASIER 602 is a full 2D barcode & NFC combo reader, designed to enhance the passenger self-service experience. The IER 602 is an advanced, versatile scanner that takes your airport or airline operations to …

IER 919, Enhanced customer interface, maximum capabilities

IER-EASIER 919 kiosk featuring the latest generation CUSS solution with a completely integrated self-service hardware. Its revolutionary design and ergonomics, optimized equipment options and capabilities provide passengers with a full range of services, from check-in, …

i920, Combining efficiency & Value

IER-EASIER is introducing i920, its latest self-check-in kiosk, bringing a fresher approach to core functionalities passengers can expect from a self-service kiosk and allowing them to proceed directly to the bag drop positions. This new …

Automated Passport Control kiosk

The IER 919 kiosk is also supporting Automated Passport Control applications with fingerprint scanner, camera, passport reader and receipt, plus an APC solution developed in partnership with Airside Mobile. An additional hybrid application for mobiles …

ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application

ALISS, the IER-EASIER CUSS kiosk application, has been designed for airlines or airports that do not want to invest in the development of a complex custom application or for airport or ground handling companies looking …

i820 Retrofit Self Bag Drop

IER-EASIER Self Service Bag Drop solution is designed as a 2-step check-in process, allowing to better balance the passenger flow and ensure consistency of the whole self-service check-in experience, throughout all steps: web check-in online, …

i720 SkyLane for access control and boarding

The i720 SkyLane is the latest generation of IER-EASIER eGates portfolio. This new e-gate comes with double swing door security entrance lane offering a high bidirectional throughput and uncompromising security. With its elegant design, the i720 …

ABC Lane for automated Border Control

The ABC Lane for Automated Border Control is an automated immigration control gate – developed in partnership with Gemalto and Automatic Systems both leaders in biometrics and access control markets - combining the latest technologies …

Single Token Biometrics

In an industry where revenue hinges on mere minutes and every second counts, airports & airlines must look to new technology to accommodate increased passenger processing without compromising safety and security. From biometrics to self-service, airport …

Company News


Dear EASIER Partners, The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures undertaken worldwide by the governments are affecting everyone, from our families to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely in the front lines. Protecting the health …

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) selects EASIER’s automated biometric boarding gates

On November 26th, EASIER, expert in airport, airlines and public transportation equipment, and LAWA, the airport authority that owns and operates Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Van Nuys Airport (VNY) for the city of …


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