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Fraport AG is among the leading groups of companies in the international airport business. With Frankfurt Airport, the company operates one of the world’s most important air transportation hubs. Frankfurt Airport has become Germany’s largest employment complex at a single location, with more than 500 companies and organizations providing jobs for more than 80,000 people (including staff employed at The Squaire and the Gateway Gardens).

As an experienced airport manager, Fraport is expanding Frankfurt Airport together with partners into Frankfurt Airport City – an outstanding real-estate location and gateway of mobility and excitement. In addition to covering the full range of airport services, Fraport AG is a competent partner in airport retailing and real-estate development.

As a full-service provider in the airport management field, Fraport AG is active on four continents through investments and subsidiaries. In 2014, the Fraport Group generated € 2,4 billion revenue and Group profits of € 252 million.

Company Profile

  • Our Expertise: Terminal Management

    Terminal Management comprises the overall management of terminal facilities and passenger processes at Frankfurt Airport.

    Terminal Management tasks include:

    • Provision of safe and appropriate terminal facilities in accordance with applicable rules and regulations
    • Responsibility for operating safety, efficiency and cleanliness of the terminal facilities, especially guaranteeing safety
    • Operational control by the Terminal Duty Managers, who are available round-the-clock to be contacted for all terminal management issues
    • Passenger flow management
    • Passenger Service, which encompasses the Information Services, Lost & Found and Communication Center
    • Supplying departing and arriving passengers as well as meeters and greeters with current flight data at critical points of decision
  • Innovative Processes and Products

    Innovative concepts and systems have been introduced in order to guarantee competitive passenger operations at Frankfurt Airport. These are:

    • easyPass: EU citizens holding the new chip-equipped electronic EU passport may go through automated border control posts, identified by means of biometrics. At Frankfurt Airport, there are already 32 EasyPASS lanes available for arriving passengers, and 24 EasyPASS lanes for departing passengers. These facilities are intended to speed up passenger border crossings.
    • MAM (Mobile Asset Management): Electronic documentation of the availability and condition of passenger-facility areas by means of Tablet PCs and transponder technology
    • MACS (Multi Access Control System), a powerful and advanced management and access control system
    • eGates: A fast, safe and comfortable service that allows passengers to pass the boarding pass control by simply scanning the 2D barcode on their boarding pass
    • Customer-oriented passenger services, including services as part of the “Great to have you here!” quality service program. This now also includes the acceptance and storage of so-called dangerous goods (up to a certain size) which passengers are prohibited from taking onboard. Against a fee, these goods are safely and properly stored at the airport awaiting collection by the passenger after their return.
    • Concepts to improve passenger information
      – e.g. flight information via e-mail
      – info kiosks equipped with barcode scanners that allow passengers to get, for example, up-to-the-minute
      information on a flight or departure gate
      – Social media, flight information via Twitter
      – the FRA app with indoor navigation; makes information on a flight and the airport available at any time
    • Passenger flow analysis, provides forecasts every five minutes of the overall passenger flow at Frankfurt Airport
  • Traffic Management

    In the Aviation Airside area, Fraport takes care of safe and efficient operations on the aircraft movement areas to meet its customers’ needs. This includes:

    • Guidance of aircraft on apron
    • Towing, marshalling, parking and securing of aircraft, helicopters and pushback tractors
    • Planning and assignment of aircraft handling positions and gates
    • Gathering and processing of all relevant scheduling, operational and status data
    • Coordination of ice and snow clearance
    • Coordination and approval of construction and maintenance work on the aircraft movement areas (e.g. runway repairs)
    • Conducting and monitoring airside operations maintaining operational safety and ensuring proper operations at Frankfurt
    • Airport in compliance with Article 45 of the German Air Navigation Certification Order (LuftVZO)
    • Aircraft accident investigations in compliance with Article 4 ($) Clause 2 of the German investigation law (FIUUG) on behalf of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU)

    Handling aircraft taxying traffic requires close cooperation with the control tower of the German Air Traffic Control Service Deutschen Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) to coordinate air traffic during the transitions between the respective control zones and to permit rapid and effective action in the event of emergencies.

    The staff is supported in its work by a large number of technical systems to ensure smooth operations. For example:

    • The FDPS (Flight Data Processing System) supplies the staff in Central Apron Control with all the flight plan data they need.
    • ACCS (Apron Control Communication System) secures radio connections and
    • RMS (Ressource Management System) is used to plan and assign aircraft parking positions and gates.
    • Areas of the apron that are difficult to see can be controlled with the help of cameras.
    • The employees of Apron Control receive the data on landings and aircraft towing operations via the FOGS system (Follow-Me Guidance Support).
    • FAST MS is an intelligent system, that supports apron controllers in efficiently handling high volumes of ground traffic.
    Traffic Management
  • Ground Services

    We create the conditions on the ground for the success of airlines above the clouds. As one of the leading international providers of ground handling services in accordance with IATA AHM 810, Fraport Ground Services offer the full range of services for all aspects related to aircraft.

    With over 60 years of experience in ground handling, we are able to cater to the individual wishes of airlines and ensure trouble-free handling. In Frankfurt alone, a workforce of more than 7,100 works for over 100 national and international airlines in the ground handling and the central ground handling infrastructure sectors as well as other ground handling affiliated businesses. And with considerable success! Frankfurt Airport is one of the fastest and most efficient airport hubs in the world. The airport’s infrastructure allows for short transfer times for connecting passengers and their baggage – also between terminals.

    In October 2008 the German Logistics Award has been awarded to the joint project “Integrated Passenger and Baggage Logistics at the Aviation Hub in Frankfurt” of Fraport AG and Deutsche Lufthansa.

  • Consulting

    Fraport offers a wide range of commercial consulting services customized to your needs. Our expertise covers all kinds of commercial concessions (retail, food and beverage, advertising, car rental, etc.) as well as airport real estate development (cargo city, car parking, offices, hotels, etc.). We specialize in evaluating locations, sizing and customized commercial offers tailored to fit the needs of the passenger, both for existing airports and for new terminal facilities. Based on this, we make sound recommendations for the future development and implementation of your commercial strategy.

  • Commercial Airport Management

    Fraport offers a wide range of commercial consulting services customized to your needs. Our expertise covers all kinds of commercial concessions (retail, food and beverage, advertising, car rental, etc.) as well as airport real estate development (cargo city, car parking, offices, hotels, etc.). We specialize in evaluating locations, sizing and customized commercial offers tailored to fit the needs of the passenger, both for existing airports and for new terminal facilities. Based on this, we make sound recommendations for the future development and implementation of your commercial strategy.

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  • Integrated Airport Operations

    Nowadays, operational improvements often focus on one-off solutions or are based on short-term planning. With this approach, stakeholders at airports frequently do not realize the impact of their short-term actions on other stakeholders. However, a key element for increasing throughput and efficiency should be to optimize airport operations over the long run and by taking into account all parties involved in the processes. Fraport has been at the forefront of setting industry standards for Integrated Airport Operations for many decades. You too can benefit from our long-term experience and know-how to optimize your operational processes.

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  • Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer - ORAT

    Are you opening new airport infrastructures, such as a new terminal building, a new greenfield airport or other facilities? Are you looking for expertise to ensure a smart and streamlined operational readiness preparation, airport transfer and start of operations?

    Then Fraport is your ideal partner. In the past years we have gained extensive experience in successfully implementing and managing Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) projects around the globe. Our process-driven ORAT philosophy and forward-thinking strategy enables us to shape the ideal solution for your airport infrastructure project.

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  • Airport Planning

    Fraport provides consulting services in the fields of Airport Master Planning, modification or re-design of airport facilities and process optimization to improve the operational efficiency of our client’s airport.

    With the vast majority of our workforce being involved in the day-to-day operation, Fraport has a vast experience in the operation of airports around the world in different legal and cultural environments. In order to achieve a functional operational environment our airports are continuously optimized through careful modifications. These modifications require planning well ahead of time, and have to be based on the airport master plan to ensure that these modifications remain in line with the overall airport development strategy.

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  • Airport Strategy

    Increase of revenues, reduction of cost, optimization of supply chains and services are permanently in the focus of our executive management. Which target is realistically achievable? Which is the best way to reach it, ensuring our growth in the near and distant future? Benefit from our experience in the field of strategic airport development. As an example, we developed Lima Airport from an O&D airport to a hub airport. Fraport offers a full scope of tailor-made strategy consulting services to achieve these objectives.

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  • Airport Traffic Development

    Getting to know your customer is the baseline for any airport development. With Fraport’s experience in managing almost every type of airport – from an intercontinental hub to a regional airport – we developed profound expertise in areas such as traffic analysis and forecasting, network development, strategic airport positioning, customer analysis including survey development, passenger profiling as well as passenger clustering. The services provided by Fraport’s consulting team allow you to access this know-how along with all the related best practice processes and tools.

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