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Trusted and dependable: Snow clearing solutions made by ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL in Switzerland

ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL is a world leader in the development and production of technically advanced snow clearance machines for roads, railways, and runway maintenance as well as specialised machines for the preparation of ski slopes.

ZAUGG products are renowned for their Swiss quality, operational dependability, their working comfort and long working life, all of which add up to provide the maximum possible (clearance) capacity and efficiency.

Constant innovation and flexibility to meet customer needs has enabled the company to grow strongly over recent years and it now employs a workforce of around 170 people in Eggiwil and Schüpbach in Switzerland.

Company Profile

  • Snow Ploughs

    One of the core areas of ZAUGG’s business is the development, design and manufacture of high quality, technically advanced snow ploughs for snow clearance on all roads and driveways as well as at airports.

    The ploughs can be easily attached to single-axle vehicles, all types of tractor, municipal and all-wheel-drive vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, skid-steer loaders and forklift trucks, vans, Unimogs, trucks, wheel loaders and airport snow-clearance vehicles.

    They are available in no less than 16 models, each with a range of different plough widths. The normal blade angle is 35° (32°), although most models are available with a 45° angle or even 55° on certain models.

    In terms of performance and operation, they are designed to cope with the demands of snow clearance today. Snow removal is remarkably easy, with great savings in fuel. The driver enjoys an exceptionally good overview thanks to the optimum plough height.

    And the ZAUGG trip edge system (obstruction impact protection system) enables clearance speeds of up to 60 km/h without detriment to safety.

  • Airport Sweepers

    ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL’s high-performance snow sweepers are engineered specifically for clearing snow and ice at airports.

    The snow sweepers ensure the clearance of runways and other manoeuvring surfaces on airports. With operating speeds of over 40 km/h the necessary clearing performances are achieved. Whether for the clearance of snow, slush, ice or dirt in winter or for blowing away dirt in the summer – the snow sweepers from ZAUGG are suitable in every respect. These airport devices are available with working widths of over 6 m and in towed versions or permanently installed on a modified truck chassis.easily to clean surfaces in areas that are difficult to reach, like around air bridges.

  • Monobloc Snow Blower Unit for Wheel Loaders

    ZAUGG Monobloc snow blowers for wheel loaders are an attractively-priced and efficient alternative to self-propelled snow blowers. These Monobloc units are made in different sizes with widths of 2.0–3.3 m and with power outputs of 70–600 PS.

    The units are mounted to the wheel loader directly or by means of hydraulically lockable quick-mount couplings. The units are totally self-contained, that is to say all that is required is to insert the plug of the connecting cable into the operating panel (with joystick and motor control unit) in the wheel loader’s cab. This makes it possible to equip the wheel loader with other units such as a snow plough, ice scraper, snow shovel etc. in a very short time.

    By combining the wheel loader with snow-clearing units, the extended winter downtime for these building machines can be put to good use and costs saved into the bargain. The articulated steering system makes the wheel loader and Monobloc unit combination extremely manoeuvrable and allows it to be used where space is restricted.

    A chute extension is available for loading the snow onto trucks (adjustable length).All snow blowers are equipped using the tried and tested 2-stage system with overload clutches that protect the cutting reels from damage in the event of an obstacle being encountered.

    These factors, together with high efficiency, safety and practical applicability, are what make ZAUGG machines stand out from the crowd.

  • Self-Propelled Snow Blowers

    The further developed Rolba model range is the ideal tool for the clearance of narrow roads, mountain passes and airport aprons. Equipped with 2-stage snow blowers, the machines guarantees efficient clearing performances. The hydrostatic infinite reversible traction drive ensures the optimum transmission of power to all four wheels in every working situation. The driver selects the optimum method of steering for each application. Due to the simple operation he can switch effortlessly between front axle, rear axle and all-wheel steering as well as crab steering. All Rolba models can be equipped in accordance with the needs of the specific application.


Snow sweeper P 21/S/SL/SXL

Towed snow sweeper with outstanding area output. Drive: Drawn  Brush Width: 4.5 / 6 / 6.3 m P 21With its high-output engine, the P 21 is perfectly equipped for efficient snow removal. Its blower fan and …

Snow sweeper P21C

Snow sweeper on modified truck chassis. Drive: Self-propelled Brush Width: 4.5 m P21C Unlike the tow-behind models, the P 21C is a compact snow sweeper mounted on a modified standard chassis. All-wheel steering with crab steer makes …

Snow sweeper P 21CS/CSL

Snow sweeper on modified truck chassis. Drive: Self-propelled Brush Width: 6m P21CSThis compact, powerful and manoeuvrable snow sweeper is built around the proven ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL concept. Equipped with a 6 m or 6.3 m …

Snow plough SP3000

The snow plough SP3000 was specially developed for use on airports. It is characterised by its width, simple design and the low weight. It is equipped with the ZAUGG trip edge system. Plough Length: 560 - …


The wedge-shaped plough is optimal for the rapid and simple clearance of snow around the runway and taxiway boundary lighting at airports and airfields. Plough Length: 300 cm Snow clearance made easy with the unique ZAUGG …

Snow blower MONOBLOC Mobl 230

The Monobloc snow blower is autonomous, compact and meets the current Euro stage V exhaust emission standards. The machine can optionally be equipped with a radio remote control or fixed connecting cable and is operated …

Snow blower MONOBLOC Mobl 380

The Monobloc snow blower is autonomous, compact and meets the current Euro stage V exhaust emission standards. The machine can optionally be equipped with a radio remote control or fixed connecting cable and is operated …

Rolba 500

The new Rolba R500 is unique in terms of size and power. Additionaly various options and clearing widths are available to choose from. Apart from direct ejection, various ejector tube lengths are available and even …

Rolba 1500

The Rolba 1500 is ideal for mountain pass and airport snow clearance and reaches a maximum casting distance of 40 metres. Due to the optimised weight distribution this machine is particularly well suited for uphill …

Rolba 3000

The Rolba 3000 is the ideal snow blower for clearing motorways and airport runways and reaches a maximum casting distance of 50 metres. With sid plates the clearance width can be expanded up to 3.2 …

Rolba 5000

The Rolba 5000 is ideal for snow clearance on airports. Clearing capacity: up to 8000 t/h Clearing widths: 300 cm  


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