ADS-B Deployable with Traffic Situation Display


Deployable ADS-B is designed to satisfy the most difficult operating conditions and:

  • Enables rapid deployment (< 5 min) and detection of cooperative targets within line-of-sight based on ADS-B technology.
  • Intended for contingency or in-the-field special missions.
  • Can be customised according to customers’ mobility requirements.
  1. Dual-band networkable ADS-B sensor receives target position data, equipped with UAT or 1090ES ADS-B transponder.
  2. The data is decoded, processed and displayed on the rugged laptop
  3. After processing, the ADS-B data can be forwarded to external systems in various formats via:
    – public networks
    – private networks (client’s network, encrypted channels, etc.)


1. ADS-B Receiver.
Dual-band (978MHz and 1090MHz), networkable ADS-B receiver with built-in GPS and ancillary components for power and network connection enclosed in an IP67-rated protective enclosure.

2. Traffic Situation Display.
Rugged military-grade laptop with Traffic Situation Display application software provides:
– Surveillance data processing & output data management
– Presentation of traffic on geographical and airspace maps

3. Transport case.
Used to store and transport the equipment of the Deployable ADS-B Surveillance Kit.
The power supply subsystem is integrated into the case to ensure autonomous in-the-field operation.

4. Mobility option.
Versatile chassis to build a custom-made mobile control unit.