ALPHA Air Traffic Management System


The ALPHA ATM system meets ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and recommended practices in air traffic management. The system ensures air traffic safety and high reliability of the equipment and can be integrated into any ATM environment.

ALPHA ATM System can be used by:

  • ANSP
    As main or fallback ATM system
    as a solution for advanced apron monitoring
    as an ATM solution on a temporary or permanent base
    for flight operations monitoring

ANSART Offers:

  • Modular and flexible solution design based on “LEGO” principles.
  • Possibility to choose the desired configuration and custom applications.
  • Freedom to choose available optimal COTS components.
  • Possibility to build a solution of any size: from minimal serverless ATM system for low-traffic applications to full-fledged ATM system for high traffic airspaces.
  • The compliance with the international standards, regulations, and specifications.
  • Latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • Highest degree of reliability with the long-term trouble-free operation.

You can build any size and any capacity solution using ALPHA software for:

  • Air and Ground Situation Display,
  • Air Situation Display,
  • Auxiliary Information Display,
  • Flight Data Display,
  • Electronic Flight Strips Display,
  • Information Display,
  • Technical Control and Monitoring Display.

ANSART is able to tailor the ALPHA system to your specific needs.


  • PSR, SSR, MSSR, SMR, PAR, MLAT, WAM, ADS-B surveillance data processing including Mono and Multi radar tracker.
  • Bypass (Alternative radar data processing)
  • DARD (Direct Access to Radar Data) support
  • ICAO/ADEXP flight data processing
  • METAR, SPECI, TAF, SIGMET, GAMET, AIRMET weather data processing and GRF support
  • AFTN/AMHS network support
  • Build-in Information Protection Software
  • 4D trajectory calculation
  • AMAN/DMAN integrated (with decision support function)
  • Integrated A-SMGCS CWP(s)
  • DCL/PDC and CPDLC Air/Ground datalink
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • MSAW, STCA, MTCD, APW, WAPW, RMCA, SMAC, CATC MONA (Monitoring Aids) safety nets

ALPHA ATM System CWP layout:

  • Any composition of data displays for each CWP:
    • Flight Data Processing display
    • Flight Plan Processing display
    • A-SMGCS
    • Auxiliary information data
    • Touchscreen panels for EFS
  • Supports:
    • Square displays
    • Widescreen displays
    • 2k*2k or 4k*2k screen resolutions

ALPHA ATM System CWP HMI and services:

  • Air situation display (ASD)
  • Ground (A-SMGCS) display
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • Weather information
  • Data Link
  • Safety nets (Air & Ground)
  • AODB

ALPHA ATM System Capacity

  • Up to 2048×2048 NM area size with surveillance and flight data processing
  • Up to 5000 simultaneously processed aircraft
  • Up to 10000 flight plans processed by the system daily
  • Up to 100 sectors in an ATC center
  • Up to 500 CWPs in an ATC center
  • Up to 128 surveillance data sources