Aerial Jib Platform


For Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance, and Painting  

The Aerial Jib Platform (AJP) – The advanced access during aircraft paint process.

Suitable for narrow-body models such as the A320 and B737 as well as wide-body aircraft, the AJP is the ideal option in hangars that are unsuited to the use of roof-mounted teleplatforms due to their low roof height or lightweight construction.

To ensure complete coverage of a narrow-bodied aircraft, four AJPs are required. Each AJP is fixed to the hangar floor and operators use the sophisticated RMC (Relative Motion Control) system to extend the telescopic mast to the desired height or to manoeuver smoothly and in a jerk-free way in a straight line along the fuselage. 

Efficiency, safety & speed!
As the AJP is static, the risk of damage to an aircraft that can be caused by the type of moving carrier devices that other systems rely upon, is eliminated.

The AJP is compatible with CTI Systems’ advanced distance control technologies such as the Block Shape Control and Twin Scan Control systems and, for added safety and accident reduction benefits, sensor-based collision avoidance systems such as touchless bumpers, a ‘safety-net’ below the operator’s platform and mast protection light barriers are fitted as standard. 

Optional media supplies such as on-board plug sockets, compressed and breathing air delivery systems as well as a grounding bar for paint guns can be added as required to further improve a worker’s comfort and efficiency.

Main specifics:

  • Fixed carrier position in operation mode
  • load: 300 kg [2 people + 100kg material]
  • Platform size: 3×1,5 m
  • Lifting height: 0,5-11 m [platform level]
  • Platform speed: up to 12 m/min
  • Main rotation: + / – 120°

Optional features:

  • ATEX & HazLoc certification
  • Controlled approach system
  • Remote diagnostic tool
  • Automated parking procedure
  • LED lightings
  • Active security bumpers
  • Working platform replaceable by other tools
  • Platform tilt: + / – 10°. Improvement of the work ergonomics for the painters.
  • Optional supplies on platform: electrical plugs, compressed air, breathing air, fluids.

 Special features:

  • Absolute displacement modus [Vector Control]
  • Smooth movements system
  • High precisely positioning