Aerial Jib Platform


CTI Systems’ Aerial Jib Platform (AJP) is a floor based solution specially developed for aircraft painting purposes or similar related tasks such as sanding, polishing, cleaning, sealing or touch painting.

As an alternative to roof suspended Teleplatforms, the AJP is an advanced aircraft access solution inside hangars with low roof or light weight structure, overcoming any structural load or height limitations.

The AJP is mobile on floor, this involves:

  • Quick and safe set-up times, with fewer machinery movements and safe aircraft entry/exit from the hangar
  • Minimised aircraft damage risk
  • Better airflow and illumination

The AJP can be the right solution for line maintenance access along narrow body aircraft including both A320 and B737 series and similar sized aircraft.

With only four AJPs, you can obtain a full coverage of a narrow body aircraft, each one installed on its dedicated location – i.e. RH/LH forward and rear aircraft positions.

Main characteristics:

  • Fixed carrier position in operation mode
  • load: 300 kg [2 people + 100kg material]
  • Platform size: 3×1,5 m
  • Lifting height: 0,5-11 m [platform level]
  • Platform speed: up to 12 m/min
  • Main rotation: + / – 120°

Optional features:

  • ATEX & HazLoc certification
  • Controlled approach system
  • Remote diagnostic tool
  • Automated parking procedure
  • LED lightings
  • Active security bumpers
  • Working platform replaceable by other tools
  • Platform tilt: + / – 10°. Improvement of the work ergonomics for the painters.
  • Optional supplies on platform: electrical plugs, compressed air, breathing air, fluids.

Special features:

  • Absolute displacement modus [Vector Control]
  • Smooth movements system
  • High precisely positioning