Slewing / Transfer Cranes - TARCA


Ensuring optimised transport and rotation of the engine

In the center of preparation halls of engine test stands, transfer cranes transport the engines from the workstations to the entry track (monorail) of the test stand.

Slewing cranes, which are mounted below the transfer crane bridge – allow engines to be rotated when picking them from the opposite orientated preparation workstations to ensure that it is always correctly orientated when it reaches its designated destination.

Mechanical interlocks and articulated rail ends facilitate the safe and smooth transfer of twin lift trucks from the rails to the bridge and vice versa.

TARCA – the patented Track for heavy duty applications

Aircraft engines can be safely and simply handled within both overhaul (JPC) and test facilities with CTI Systems’ proven TARCA® overhead monorail crane tracks and carrier systems.

Crane tracks suspended from a site’s ceiling or from floor-mounted gantries, allow anything from engine components to complete engines to be transferred either semi-automatically or manually. Systems can be designed to feed single workstations or configured to provide a complete integrated transfer solution.