FP30 – Overhead Fall Arrester


CTI Systems’ FP30 fall protection – Aircraft inspection and maintenance regimes in complete safety

Aircraft maintenance often requires technicians to work at considerable heights. Therefore, it is essential that the proper equipment is in place to minimize the risk of injury from falling.

The FP30 fall protection solution from CTI Systems makes it possible to perform these aircraft inspection and maintenance tasks in complete safety.

In the heart of the FP30 is a motorized safety cable that, unlike conventional solutions, allows unobstructed crane operation when not in use.

From the FP30 overhead device, which is attached either directly to the hangar roof or to an overhead crane system, the safety hook can be easily lowered by radio remote control.  When the FP30 device is attached to a crane, it can be moved directly above the intended work area.

In both cases, the crane located there is locked when the FP30 is in operation.

Once hooked in, the technician can move freely in the designated work area, with the safety rope always automatically tensioned and stopping a possible fall within two meters.

The 30-meter galvanized steel fall arrest cable is retracted at a controlled speed to prevent damage to the winding mechanism.

The technology meets the requirements of EN 360 and ANSI Z359.14.