Crane Systems


Safe and controlled handling of sensitive components is essential in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. CTI Systems’ cranes are particularly suited for these complex material handling tasks:

Sophisticated design combined with integrated electronic control even allows coordinated lifting and travel movements.

It is also possible to use interlocking bridge cranes, which enable the transfer of teleplatforms or hoist carriers throughout the hangar by passing over adjacent crane bridges at any point.

CTI Systems cranes for any task:

  • Multi-purpose cranes suitable for all types of lifting and handling tasks in maintenance centers or manufacturing plants.
  • Overhead travelling cranes mounted on stationary crane girders, particularly suitable for workshop environments;
  • Automatic cranes (process cranes) that form integrated system modules within coating or production processes.

CTI Systems’ overhead cranes, including grabs and load handling devices, can handle loads up to 65 tons and are supplied with a level of automation tailored to the customer’s individual applications and requirements.