Flight Information Display System (FIDS)


Are you looking for a modern, customized, and well-arranged option of presenting real-time passenger information? A cost-effective and flexible solution that works in a fully automatic way?

Simpleway provides an advanced Content Management System for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for individual gates or checkins, whole airport or complex travel hub premises. We put extra emphasis on an effortless installation and adaption to the customer’s environment and processes, easy and flexible content creation, and automated management. Simpleway FIDS CMS is the “face of an airport” that visually presents and delivers a variety of travel information.

It manages all the screens located all over the airport, showing visual content to passengers, including those with hearing disabilities.

Key benefits

  • Automated functioning based on external data sources
  • Works well with your current displays or video walls
  • Easy-to-use content creation and management tools
  • High level of content customisation possibilities
  • Significantly supports passengers with disabilities

Would you guess what the main benefit of the system is? All the system features work with existing off-the-shelf hardware, across multiple standard or non-standard screens. This alone represents huge cost-effectiveness.

The Simpleway Display Management System can be connected to various data sources and follow all events at the airport.

Based on the data sources, the system continuously generates related visual screen content and makes it instantly available through several dedicated user interfaces.

It can show any kind of graphical content, including online internet streaming, audio and video content, weather and many others. The content can be easily customized according to the needs of individual airline or other airport industry stakeholders. Carriers and third-party enterprises can access the system by using mobile or web-based user interfaces.

The Simpleway FIDS Content Management System has two main goals – to improve the quality of passenger services and to increase the speed of standard travel processes. FIDS management is one of the complex tasks that a modern passenger information system must be able to provide.

Our unified solution can handle hundreds of screens spread around the airport and is able to control the status of each of these screens.

Within our system, the airport staff is also able to easily create, manage, preview and schedule the screen content thanks to many built-in tools developed together with transportation industry experts.

Finally, the system also helps passengers with hearing disabilities as the text of the currently played voice announcement can be simultaneously displayed on the information screen. We believe that this should be a standard solution available at every airport to support disabled passengers.

The second important feature is a sophisticated sign language module that is our latest technology developed with the help of several deaf communities around the world.

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