Passenger Notification Solution


You have surely witnessed the following scene whenever you traveled: people in airports with their eyes locked on their mobile devices. And why not? It is a good time to catch up on some emails, surf the Web or interact on social media. Given that so many people rely on their mobile phone as a place to store and organize everything, why not give them the passenger information that they need via their phones and tablets?

Nowadays, passengers do not merely expect the basic information of arrivals, departures, and traffic updates from traditional public passenger information systems. They often want to also receive more accurate information about topics such as weather at their final destination, safety tips, be able to view maps of terminals, locations of shopping and dining options, and receive information about waiting times during the departure/arrival process. Having all of the travel information can significantly reduce travel related stress.

Bearing that in mind, Simpleway has created a truly personalized passenger information system that offers a variety of customer information that can reach commuters both locally and globally based on the context. This way, the communication gets truly personalized – the right message at the right time and place. With Bluetooth beacon technology in place, the system can provide passengers with wayfinding and location-based notifications as they walk around the airport.

Our system uses several communication channels, such as iOS and Android notifications, emails, text messages, and personalized mobile optimized and responsive web pages to distribute the desired information. In addition to the airport navigation, information about service offerings, shop advertisements, parking options, public transportation schedules, taxi services, and others are easily provided by our system. Simpleway’s mobile notification module can be adjusted to the specific needs of any airport hub regardless of its size. It comes with a simple-to-use tools to create multilingual notification templates for use across a variety of previously mentioned platforms.

Finally, our system easily integrates social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, as useful tools for providing passengers with information about their flights. We are also able to create custom integrations to other social media or other latest modern communication channels.

Key benefits of Simpleway Passenger Notification Solution:

  • Accurate time and location-based notifications
  • Variety of available communication channels – iOS and Android notifications, emails, text messages, personalized mobile optimized and responsive web pages
  • Multilingual notification templates
  • Social media integration
  • Automatic functioning and easy-to-use API for a flexible third-party systems integration including data feeds