Unified Passenger Information System


Simpleway’s Unified Passenger Information System works as an integration platform that provides easy content management for operators and administrators as well as real-time data to passengers via audio messages, LCD Displays, LED panels, information booths, mobile phones, websites feeds, social media networks, and other communication channels.

Our aim is to offer passengers information on their flight status from the moment that they leave their homes until they board their flights. Our services, however, do not end there. We also update each passenger on the unloading of their luggage and on the possible connections when leaving the airport.

We designed a single point of control for passenger communication system for airports and other travel hubs that, in most cases, does not require a substantial hardware investment. The Simpleway integration platform is a fully flexible solution for customers willing to continuously improve their services for passengers. It is a software program connecting various data inputs with a full scale of communication channels.

The Simpleway solution is a fully modular high-reliable microservice complex of three integrated systems (which are usually delivered as separate platforms):

  • Content Management System,
  • Integration Platform and
  • Business rules engine.

Content Management System (CMS)

All together is operated from our role-based user interfaces. Our solution can be used for audio and displays together or as separate modules:

  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS),
  • Automated Voice Announcement System (AVAS).


Integration platform

Simpleway’s UPIS server is usually integrated with the following systems:

  • Any public address system – either digital audio broadcasting, such as AES67, Dante™, or an analog interface with contact closures, enabling the system to play automated announcements through the PA system.
  • AODB or other external flight information service providers.
  • Display systems if you wish to integrate your current system.
  • External data sources, such as local public transport schedules, weather forecast, toilets operational status, airport parking availability, tourist information, social media, etc.

The aim of such integration is to connect all of the individual channels together so that they work in unison. The main benefit for the airports is that Simpleway products share a single back-end system that works for all of the features mentioned above. There is no need for a dedicated interface between FIDS/BIDS or automated announcement data exchange, nor any need to contact several companies when a change has to be applied in one of the systems. We offer an all-in-one solution that runs on one platform, yet each system can still be run separately. All of the system features work with existing and off-the-shelf hardware, across multiple standard or non-standard installations.

Business rules engine

For any situation – be it a delay, cancellation, rerouting, or any kind of emergency – a business rule can be easily created that will deliver information to passengers in any way, anytime, and anywhere you need. The system can control a wide variety of devices and generate messages specifically for them. As data is essential to passenger communication, the business rules engine is fed by a flexible data integration framework that can import, export and schedule real-time data from any medium in any format you can imagine – whether an industry standard or a customized format. The system is designed with multi-modality and multi-system in mind to achieve a seamless passenger experience in a fully converged transit system including all of the modes of transportation.

See also the detail descriptions of our other self-contained core modules; each of them can be purchased separately according to the customer’s current needs:

  • Automated Voice Announcement System,
  • Flight Information Display System.