GrindLazerTM High-Production DC Scarifiers


The DC15 DCS series of heavy-duty, self-propelled drum scarifiers are designed to tackle the most demanding removal and surface preparation jobs. They are capable of removing a path up to 40.5 cm wide and feature Graco’s electronic DCS Depth Control System allowing users to quickly and accurately adjust cut depth without stopping production. Making it the perfect marking removal equipment for every airport. Fast, accurate and quality surface line removal ideal for busy environments like airport runways and taxiways.

Key benefits:

  • Do-it-All Solution: Adaptable for leveling, grooving, inlay and scarifying. Up to 40.5 cm removal path
  • Ultimate Control and Application Flexibility: Set zero point where the cutter meets the surface. Displays “active depth”on the LiveLook™ display
  • Multiple Power Options: 20 HP 380V 50Hz for those applications where exhaust fumes are not allowed or preferred (HP DC1520 E DCS). 38 HP Kohler gas engine with electric start system allowing for easy starting even in cold weather (HP DC1538 G DCS)
  • Vacuum Port for Dust Removal: Allows for connection of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust.
  • Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter: Track usage for maintenance to ensure your equipment is in top shape. Displays engine RPMs while running.

More information:

  • Cutter type: Drum
  • working width:
    • 40,5 cm / 16”
  • Engine/motor:

Electric 380V (20HP) (DC1520 E DCS)

  • Kohler gasoline engine (38 HP) (DC1538 G DCS)
  • Cut rate:
    • 325 m²/hr / 3500 ft²/hr
  • Vacuum port

Air filter (DC1538 G DCS only)