GrindLazerTM High-Production RC Scarifiers


The high-production GrindLazer® RC820 H, RC1640 H and RC1625 G surface preparation scarifiers are designed to help contractors easily remove up to 220 m²/hr (2400 ft²/hr) of markings without damaging the underlying surface.

Unlike traditional waterblasting systems that damage concrete and asphalt, these rotary scarifiers are designed to remove markings while keeping the surface integrity intact and can even be used on cracked surfaces. By using a spring suspension to float single or multiple rotary-style cutters on the surface, these cutters chip coatings off without damaging the substrate or leaving grooves. These units are perfect to remove any surface markings on airports.

Since they are mounted to skid loaders, these high-production rotary scarifiers are ideal for large volume applications found at airports and municipalities as well as for striping contractors that require rapid removal of markings from concrete or asphalt without damaging the surface. All three machines are designed to be used with Graco LazerVac vacuum systems for collecting dust and debris to keep jobsites clean and safe.

Key benefits:

  • No-Groove line eraser: use one or three rotary cutter heads to remove lines without leaving any grooves
  • Multi-point depth control system: accurately adjust depth on three independent points while allowing the cutters to float over the surface
  • Multiple power options: Standardized quick connections allows an easy operation off most hydraulic systems or benefit from the Kohler® gasoline power with electric start
  • Universal Bob-Tach® attachment: connect to most skid loader equipment using the Quick-attach backplate
  • Vacuum Port for Dust removal: reduce airborne dust to a minimum with two vacuum ports using a single LazerVac system

More information:

  • Cutter type: Rotary
  • working width:
    • 20 cm / 8” (RC820 H)
    • 40 cm / 16” (RC1640 H/1625 G)
  • Engine/motor:
    • Low-flow hydraulic (20 HP) (RC820 H)
    • High-flow hydraulic (40 HP) (RC1640 H)
    • Kohler gasoline engine (25 HP) (RC1625 G)
  • Cut rate:
    • 95 m²/hr / 1000 ft²/hr (RC820 H)
    • 220 m²/hr / 2400 ft²/hr (RC1640 H/1625 G)
  • Vacuum port
  • Air filter (RC1625 G only)
  • Tach/Hour meter
  • Bob-tach® Skid Loader Connection