LineLazerTM Airless Line Striping Range


Airless painting technology is primarily known for its speed of application. The LineLazer family of professional stripers has constantly been improved to meet the changing needs of the pavement marking industry, incl. airports where time efficiency and quality is essential. Each time delivering substantial benefits to the professional striping contractor.

In combination with sharp and crisp line definition, Graco’s range of innovative LineLazer systems ensure high quality jobs within the most efficient timeframe. Today available for paint, 2-component and electrical applications.

Benefits for Standard Series:

  • LiveLook Display with SmartControl
    • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job
    • Real-time information for the perfect lines
    • Screen tilts for visibility in all conditions
    • SmartControl provides consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines
  • DualComfortTM Handlebar System
    • Stable mounting location for straighter long line
    • Allows guns to be lined up with the rear axle for perfect curves
  • Endurance Pump: Industry-best pump performance in this field-proven design
  • Advanced Vibration Reduction System
    • Eliminates vibration creating perfect lines
    • Field-proven performance
  • EZ Align Wheel System
    • Simple front wheel alignment keeps unit tracking straight
    • Intuitive design without needing any special tools
  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
    • Simple guide mark system
    • Easy gun on/off, front/back
    • Perfect gun set up every time

Benefits for High-Productive Series:

  • Automatic Paint Gun System
    • Push button control for lower operator fatigue and accurate (skip-) lines
    • Manual, semi- and automatic guns/mode
  • Auto-Layout™ II
    • SmartControl™ measures while you walk and puts down pre-marks
    • No need for measuring tape or string lines cutting
    • Cuts your parking lot layout time in half
  • Valuable job information with J-Log System
    • Onboard job information for proof of completion
    • USB download allows you to capture all job data

Benefits for Reflective Series:

  • Pressurized Bead System
    • Onboard closed compressor avoids dust and debris from entering
    • Ensures proper bead flow and paint penetration
    • Large volume bead tank holds up to 54kg
    • Bead gun activates automatically with spray gun
    • Bead gun with gun-delay ability
    • Adjustable nozzle for bead dispensing width adjustment

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