LineLazerTM V 200/250 Dual Colour Airless Line Striper


The LineLazer V 200DC offers you Dual Colour Capability in a push-behind hydraulic airless striping unit. Offered in Standard, HP Automatic and HP Reflective series, the LineLazer V 200DC offers you two units in one. Take one unit to a two-colour jobsite and get the job done faster! As a bonus you’ll save on transport compared to transporting two units for individual colours.

Spray two colours simultaneously with Graco’s new LineLazer V 250DC. Ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-colour striping.

Benefits for Standard Series:

  • LiveLook Display with SmartControl
    • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job
    • Real-time information for the perfect lines
    • Screen tilts for visibility in all conditions
    • SmartControl provides consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines
  • DualComfortTM Handlebar System
    • Stable mounting location for straighter long line
    • Allows guns to be lined up with the rear axle for perfect curves
  • Endurance Pump: Industry-best pump performance in this field-proven design
  • Advanced Vibration Reduction System
    • Eliminates vibration creating perfect lines
    • Field-proven performance
  • EZ Align Wheel System
    • Simple front wheel alignment keeps unit tracking straight
    • Intuitive design without needing any special tools
  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
    • Simple guide mark system
    • Easy gun on/off, front/back
    • Perfect gun set up every time

Benefits for High-Productive Series:

  • Automatic Paint Gun System
    • Push button control for lower operator fatigue and accurate (skip-) lines
    • Manual, semi- and automatic guns/mode
  • Auto-Layout™ II
    • SmartControl™ measures while you walk and puts down pre-marks
    • No need for measuring tape or string lines cutting
    • Cuts your parking lot layout time in half
  • Valuable job information with J-Log System
    • Onboard job information for proof of completion
    • USB download allows you to capture all job data

Benefits for Reflective Series:

  • Pressurized Bead System
    • Onboard closed compressor avoids dust and debris from entering
    • Ensures proper bead flow and paint penetration
    • Large volume bead tank holds up to 54kg
    • Bead gun activates automatically with spray gun
    • Bead gun with gun-delay ability
    • Adjustable nozzle for bead dispensing width adjustment

More Information:


Max Flow – l/min.: 8.14

Max. Pressure – bar: 227

Motor Rating – cm3: 200


Max Flow – l/min.: 9.5

Max. Pressure – bar: 227

Motor Rating – cm3: 390 – Electric Start