Wi-Fi Dock


The Wi-Fi Dock is a dedicated aircraft antenna access solution, specially developed for related aircraft inner fuselage and crown works.

The pivoting cage on the upper level can be lowered onto the aircraft fuselage, protecting operators during maintenance work on antennas and similar parts.

Adjoining modules will complement the system and grant simultaneous access to the inner fuselage for quick entry to the relevant work areas.

CTI Systems offers 2 types of Wi-Fi Docks, either for use at wide body aircraft or at narrow body aircraft of A320 series (and any other aircraft of similar dimensions).

Fitted with heavy-duty castors, the dock modules can be easily towed on the ground and stabilised by spindle-type supports once in position. The modules are height-adjustable (manual or motorized via pendant control) and will carry up to 4 operators. Access will be granted via the height adjustable stairs from the hangar floor.

All platforms are secured with handrails and self-closing doors. Fitted with sliding drawers best fit to aircraft PAX door.

Each Wi-Fi Dock can be integrated into an existing fuselage dock system or combined with complementary modules for any further access option.

  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Double height adjustment
  • Electromechanical safety locks
  • Skirts and edge-protection cushions
  • Sliding handrails and self-closing doors
  • Padlocked doors
  • Sliding platforms on main module PAX level
  • Stiff and lightweight aluminium/steel substructure
  • Anti-skid aluminium flooring (max 150 kg point load and 200 kg/m² distributed loads)
  • Railings at all platform levels and landings with hand-/mid-railings, and kick boards
  • Ground mobile, either by manual pushing or by standard airport tractors (using the included triangular tow bar
  • Secure stand along aircraft, while using heavy duty stabilizers
  • Upper fall protection framing swivelling 70° upwards, allow easy positioning on the A/C
  • Upper fall protection framing coverage on crown is 4,7m x 3,5m (15.5ft x 11.5ft)
  • Compressed air quick connectors
  • Cable/hose reel