Adaptive Recognition

Passport Readers and ID Scanners for Authentication and Verification

World-class scanners and software for automated reading and authentication of IDs at airports, supporting 1st and 2nd line ID management applications.

Founded in 1991, Adaptive Recognition – formerly known as ARH – is a leader in optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, the company has been gradually expanding globally via offices in Denmark, the U.S., Singapore, and a network of international representatives. However, its core mission has never changed: to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world by deploying artificial intelligence in various fields. Since 2000, the company has been designing, developing, and producing passport readers and ID scanners for authentication and verification purposes for financial institutes, resorts, casinos, and air terminals.

Whether it’s the company’s latest addition to the passport reader market, Osmond, or any of the previous ID scanner models, Adaptive Recognition always puts the emphasis on creating innovative hardware and software to ensure the fast and secure capturing, verification, and processing of identity data, eliminating the human error factor of manual typing.

With Adaptive Recognition’s passport reader and ID scanner products, document verification happens instantly. This results in a reduced waiting time at security gates, and ultimately in a less stressful experience for passengers and security personnel alike. There is no need for the airport staff to be trained as forgery experts. All Adaptive Recognition passport reader solutions have been designed to alert users of expired or forged IDs.

The company’s passport readers have been integrated into the automatic border control (ABC) e-gates of the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Hungary, reducing traveler verification time to just 10–15 seconds per passenger. Standalone end-user units have proven themselves at the SM Duty Free shops in South Korea, successfully screening travelers’ eligibility for purchasing goods free of taxes/duty.

To learn more about Adaptive Recognition and how its wide range of ID reader and verification products can aid airports in smoother passenger flow and reinforced security, visit, or follow the company on LinkedIn/Twitter.


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