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Swedavia signs cooperation agreement with Airbus, Avinor, SAS and Vattenfall to promote the development of hydrogen-powered aviation in Sweden and Norway

Swedavia, Airbus, Avinor, SAS and Vattenfall have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together to develop infrastructure for hydrogen aviation at airports in Sweden and Norway. The goal of the collaboration is to, through a preliminary study on hydrogen, develop a framework and review the conditions for a possible rollout of hydrogen-powered aviation […]

Inaugural guidance on Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems establishes detailed recommendations for implementation across national regulators, airport operators, manufacturers and service providers

ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International), the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the European Organisation for Security (EOS), AVINOR and Heathrow Airport today released initial guidance on Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems1.  This guidance seeks to provide the path to unlocking secure data interconnectivity and interoperability among globally connected aviation security systems. “The pace […]

New WAM technology makes the Norwegian airspace safer

Avinor has completed the installation of about 200 WAM antennas (Wide Area Multilateration) on mountain tops and at airports across Norway. The new technology will replace about half of Norway’s conventional radars. The project is one of the world’s largest and most complex of its kind. Increased safety in the Norwegian airspace -The WAM technology […]

World’s biggest digital tower centre opens in Norway

On Wednesday 1 June, Avinor, Kongsberg Gruppen and State Secretary Jakob Bjelland marked the opening of the world’s biggest remote tower in Bodø. The new centre is located in a brand new building from which an initial 15 towers at an equivalent number of airports will be controlled remotely. At present, some four airports are […]

Avinor to launch retail and food & beverage tender with contracts valued at €830 million

Avinor is currently launching multiple contracts across retail, F&B and convenience with a combined value of 830 million euros. The tender is set up to provide attractive business opportunities, for both small and large suppliers, at Norway’s four biggest airports. The tender includes all retail outlets at Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim Airports, as well […]

Avinor Secures Partnership for Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Avinor has entered into an agreement with Quantafuel to buy sustainable aviation fuel based on Norwegian biomass. The fuel will be produced in a pilot plant partly funded by ENOVA*. “Sustainable aviation fuel is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aviation. The establishment of a pilot plant is an important step towards the production […]

Avinor awards contract for air traffic control services to Saerco

Avinor’s board of directors has decided to award a 5-year contract for air traffic control services at Ålesund and Kristiansand airport to Spanish company Saerco. Four bidders took part in the competition, where quality and price had equal emphasis. Saerco won with the highest score on quality and the lowest price. This entails annual savings […]