ADS-B based Airport Ground Movement Display System (ADS-B AGMDS)



ANSART’s airport ground movement display system is a state-of-the-art ADS-B based solution.

Our solution is a decentralized and expandable open-system, commercial of the shelf (COTS) computer platform, that provides Air Traffic Controllers with a full dynamic view of the traffic situation, showing surveillance area maps and target labels with the identification, position and other information regarding aircraft, vehicles and other relevant targets as target symbols derived from ADS-B or others sources.

The system can also be widely used by other airport stakeholders bringing visibility to airside operation, monitoring their vehicles, equipped with 1090ES transponder, positions and movements across airport operations areas such as aprons, maintenance, hangars and others covered by ADS-B Ground Stations.

It provides textual and graphical information available for presentation in various windows according to the tasks to be carried out by the particular users and could be deployed at any working position.

The system is designed to ensure safe and efficient movement of aircraft and vehicles on the aerodrome manoeuvring area, especially in the limited visibility conditions.

The system is developed in accordance with all spectrum of requirements of the International and European Standards, Regulations, Specifications and Guidelines and meets one of the key A-SMGCS (advanced surface movement guidance and control system) requirements – improvement of the surveillance function, namely, ensuring the identification and provision of accurate positional information about all types of traffic on the movement area (airfield), including the runway.

Together with ADS-B Ground Station and 1090ES vehicle transponder offered by Ansart it forms complete cost-effective solution aimed at ground movement monitoring, potential conflict situation identification and reduction of the risk of runway incursion. 

System capabilities and features 

  • designed for continuous operation (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
  • no interference with other equipment.
  • protected against electromagnetic interference in the electromagnetic environment of an airport.
  • works in any airport environment.
  • complete COTS solution.
  • ASTERIX CAT021 data input.
  • accurate positional information about all movements within the aerodrome manoeuvring area;
  • significantly low time between target detection and display.
  • processing of moving and stationary targets time and location data in ultra-high updates rates to ensure management and control.
  • immunity from the impact of adverse weather influence.
  • provides user with dynamic view of the airport ground.
  • Enhanced Human Machine Interface (HMI):
    • based on the Eurocontrol EATCHIP III specification;
    • situational awareness by the provision and presentation of electronic surveillance of high accuracy and integrity;
    • efficiency by automating routine manual tasks;
    • alert functions for situations that might compromise safety;
    • readily assimilate the displayed information by a quick scan of the screen;
    • status changes are indicated, or reinforced, by a change of colour, symbol, and/or other visual and aural prompts;
    • intuitive prompts and alerts;
    • minimum interaction with the system;
    • “one-click” acknowledgement;
    • configurable target labels;
    • runway status window;
    • conflicts window;
    • informative lists/tables (taxiway, vehicles, conflict definition)
    • range scales provided ranging from 100 m to maximum coverage of the sensor;
    • display maps (CTR boundaries, airport boundary, runways and taxiways, parking bay positions, restricted areas, buildings, crash grid, etc.);
    • locally drown maps (temporarily closed areas, taxiways, etc.);
    • text labels for adding text on the display;
    • resizable, movable and user configurable display windows.

Solution components

  • ADS-B Ground Station (detection, reception, transmission).
  • 1090ES vehicle transponder (transmission of vehicle status information).
  • ground movement display system workstation (reception, processing and display of information), comprises of:
    • PC based; high specification Processor complete with separate graphics controller board;
    • LCD, or superior technology, flat panel display;
    • Keyboard, QWERTY, English legends;
    • Trackball / Optical Mouse.


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