Paging Station


Thanks to our long-time experience in the transportation industry, Simpleway together with the range of our partners is able to continuously identify and solve the problematic areas of providing passenger travel information. Intelligible, customized and time and location accurate travel information are essential for a smooth flow and a pleasant travel experience of passengers. To reach such results, Simpleway teams of professionals developed a brand-new product suitable to fulfill all mentioned needs and to improve the passenger comfort at airports dramatically. We are pleased to introduce you our Paging Station.

What makes our solution so exciting? The Simpleway Paging Station is designed for the transportation industry to allow for both live paging and the playback of pre-recorded announcements.

The Paging Station utilizes the Simpleway Unified Passenger Information System platform to provide multilingual travel information to passengers. All available pre-recorded announcements reside in the Simpleway voice library created by professional voice talents. Travel information is automatically delivered and inserted into the available announcements based on an operator’s location and configuration. In addition, the airport can also unite both audio and visual messaging by providing display management integration.

The integrated 8-inch full HD touch panel provides effortless control of the Simpleway Operator’s User Interface. The use of the adapted UI offers operators the ability to customize announcement categories, language selection, zone selection, user functions, and branding.

The Paging Station comes equipped with an omnidirectional microphone providing quality voice output regardless of the distance and background noise. The addition of the attached microphone offers users the capability to still manually control processes and page passengers ensuring they can receive always real-time information.

The Paging Station creates an all-in-one passenger communication device. The integrated touch screen provides access to the Simpleway platform UIs and applications. This brings the desired flexibility for airport staff without the need for an additional PC located at the gate, meaning the significant cost reduction and no need for extra equipment and cabling. The Simpleway Portable Paging Station enhances the passenger experience raising the bar for passenger communication significantly.

Key benefits of Simpleway Paging Station:

  • One-touch predefined multilingual announcements selection
  • Live paging possibility through the attached microphone
  • Flexible travel information management
  • Built-in touchscreen with customized UI
  • Easy integration to existing infrastructure

Paging Station specifications:

  • Handheld Microphone
    • Dynamic Element
    • Omnidirectional pattern
    • 100 to 7500 Hz frequency response
    • Monitored long life spring return switch
    • Magnet for easy attachment
  • Rear Connectors
    • LAN RJ45 1000Mbps with POE option
    • DC Power
    • Line Input,Output
    • USB service port
  • Audio
    • Line and Microphone input ADC SNR 94dB, THD -82dB at 48kHz
    • Line output DAC SNR 98dB, THD -84dB at 48kHz
    • Audio latency in AES67 mode 1ms
    • Configurable DSP processing
  • Internal Connectors
    • RJ45 for Gooseneck or handheld microphone
  • Environmental
    • Operating temperature range 32F – 122F (0C – 50C)
    • Storage temperature range 14F to 140F (-10C – 60C)
  • Power
    • IEEE 802.3af power over Ethernet (PoE) or +5V DC
  • Dimensions
    • *290(W) mm x 30(D) mm x 145(H) mm