Pavement Marking Solutions and Paint/Plaster Spraying Equipment

Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and is a renowned quality brand name with almost 100 years of experience in moving, measuring, controlling, dispensing, mixing and applying a wide range of fluids and viscous materials. Processing food and cosmetics, applying coatings on walls, furniture, cars, boats, trains and airplanes, marking of lines on roads and sports fields, spraying insulation foam, sealing glass or gluing boxes, lubricating machinery – on-road or off-road, transferring chemicals from A to B, cleaning with high pressure…

Graco’s innovative technologies are designed to handle these fluids and enable you to achieve your application objectives successfully.

Since 1990 Graco’s Pavement Solutions have delivered on all counts and lead the pavement striping industry. Every day, striping contractors have the daunting task to deliver high quality marking within the most cost effective deadlines.

Since the introduction of our first airless line striper, Graco has developed an impressive range of Pavement Solutions, based upon the specific needs of our customers. From airless paint to thermoplastic materials, from mechanical to hydraulic technologies and from walk-behind to ride-on concepts, our systems deliver! We understand that very often the quality of the finish is in the preparation. That’s where our grinding options come into the picture.

Company Profile

  • Airless Line Striping – LINELAZER

    Airless painting technology is primarily known for its speed of application. The LineLazer family of stripers has constantly been improved to meet the changing needs of the pavement marking industry, each time delivering substantial benefits to the professional striping contractor.

    In combination with sharp and crisp line definition, Graco’s range of innovative LineLazer systems ensure high quality jobs within the most efficient timeframe.

  • LINELAZER ES 1000: Battery Powered Airless Line Striper

    Graco’s LineLazer® ES 1000 is the industry’s first professional battery-powered airless line striper that delivers power and performance without engine exhaust or noise.

    It is a true technology breakthrough for Airport Maintenance Teams and Airport Striping Contractors who want to expand their activities to indoor, limited noise or populated-area applications with a quiet, clean alternative power source without sacrificing performance. Ideal for indoor and outdoor airport applications, the LineLazer ES 1000 replaces high-cost manual taping and paint marking methods.

  • Airless Line Striping – ROADPAK

    With our Roadpak Solutions, you can tackle all the tough jobs you’ve wanted to do with this more compact, simpler and high productive road striping system.

    Designed to be mounted on different types of standard vehicles, the Roadpak Solutions are delivered in different configurations or in individual packages to allow optimum modularity for your specific needs.

  • Thermoplastic Striping – THERMOLAZER

    In areas with heavy traffic, the durability of road marking is a key priority. Traffic control typically needs to reduce flow obstruction to a minimum. Using thermoplastic material has proven to increase the long term quality of the line over regular paint.

    The record drying time of this application contributes greatly to smooth traffic conditions. Graco’s ThermoLazer family with technologies like on-board melting system and SmartDie applicators don’t just simplify the process, they also offer the control you need of expected line thickness.

  • Line Removal – GRINDLAZER

    A high quality line is like the cherry on the cake. Using black camouflage paint or adding layer on layer often results in old markings showing through or crisp new lines cracking early. Road safety highly depends on line visibility.

    Removing existing lines and levelling surfaces brings the solution, delivering promises made. Discover our walk-behind and ride-on options in the GrindLazer family.


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