Jakusz Ltd.

Explosion Proof Containers. Isolation, Storage and Transport of Hazardous Materials.

JAKUSZ Ltd. is a Polish company with well-established position on the defence market and with 35 years of experience in design and construction of special devices and technologies. Main advantages of the Company include its own design, production and laboratory facilities, comprehensive solutions  and experienced engineering team. Our portfolio covers three main business areas: containers for isolation, safe storage & transport of hazardous materials, ammunition disposal and special chemical technologies.

Already at the beginning of the 1990s’ JAKUSZ conducted tests on resistance to explosion of various designs. Initially, these studies concerned resistance of safes and bank vaults to effects of explosives used during a hypothetical burglary attempt. Experience in metal processing and concrete prefabrication allowed us to expand the portfolio of the Company products with various structures used for widely understood security purposes. The Company has designed and tested many types of warehouses, armoured checkpoints and containers for isolation, safe transport and storage of hazardous materials. A consistent expansion of own research capacities, development of new technologies in cooperation with research institutes, as well as responding to changing needs of our customers led to the current range of products used for protection against consequences of explosion.

Blast proof containers dedicated for the airports are used for protection against the effects of an explosion and toxic substances which might be contained in luggage, shipments or other items. It allows multiple safe transport of suspicious items beyond the area of people presence and, if necessary, sampling of post detonation gases. The devices are integrated with baggage handling system, equipped with remote automatic control and luggage positioner. Their construction enables rotation of loading part at any angle.

The devices designed and constructed by JAKUSZ undergo a number of tests performed either in house or by independent institutions. Furthermore, all prototypes have to pass dynamic detonation tests and are certified by research institutes accredited by NATO.

The Company offers a wide range of containers, which are being delivered to customers from all over the world. We are cooperating with authorised companies providing technical support and maintenance servicing in the Customer country. For the sold containers, the Company guarantees supervision during start-up, two-level trainings (for a maintenance technician and an end user), upgrade,  post-guarantee support and access to spare parts throughout their life.

The Company achievements include successful projects in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East. We were also successful in execution of research and development programmes for the European Space Agency.


Gas-tight container - Paula

Gas-tight container Paula is designed to protect against all the effects of an explosion and toxic substances which can be contained in suspected luggage, packages or other hazardous items. It allows multiple safe transport of suspected …

Explosion proof container - Vera

Explosion proof container Vera is designed for fast and safe isolation and also transportation of suspected luggage to the place of its final disposal In case of detonation the device protects human health and life …

Gas-tight container - Eva

Gas-tight container Eva is installed on the trailer and  is resistant to repeated detonation of explosives up to 8 kg of TNT equivalent. The Eva system may be used at airport facility for safe and quick …

EOD Vehicle With Gas Tight Blast Proof Container - IRIS

EOD Vehicle With Gas Tight Blast-Proof Container IRIS is designed to isolate and transport suspicious items that may contain explosive material including terrorist charges, dirty bombs, IED’s. The innovative solution allows fast and smooth operation in …

Explosion proof container - Agata

Gas-tight container AGATA is used for safe transport and temporary storage of items containing explosives (e.g. projectiles, grenades or IED), as well as biological or chemical agents. In case of an explosion of charge up …

Explosion proof container - Wiktoria

Explosion proof container Wiktoria is used for safe transport of medium size UXO, misfired ammunition and other explosives up to 10 kg of TNT equivalent, undertaken by military patrols or other land clearance units, in …

STOLEM - device for transport and storage

Ventilated container STOLEM is designed for safe transport and storage of ammunition, explosives materials, initiators and UXO’s. The capacity of the device allows to contain (in a single box) hazardous items in quantity: up to …


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