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Pioneering Excellence in Rubber Removal, Demarking, Retexturing, Surface Cleaning, and Friction Testing

Smets Technology GmbH stands at the forefront of ultra-high-pressure water technology, focusing on rubber removal, demarking, retexturing, and surface cleaning.

Known for our innovative ARC-Series, we have set a new benchmark in rubber removal efficiency, delivering unparalleled performance in maintaining runway safety and integrity.

On roads, our expertise in demarking and retexturing is unmatched. We provide advanced solutions for the removal of outdated markings and the revitalization of surface textures. This precision ensures the preservation of asphalt and concrete surfaces, enhancing their longevity and maintaining optimal friction levels for safety. Our system is also renowned for its capability to rejuvenate thermoplastic markings through the increase of the reflectivity.

Surface cleaning and friction testing are other key areas where Smets Technology excels. Our comprehensive solutions guarantee impeccably clean, safe, and compliant runway and road surfaces, including coloured asphalt and concrete. Our friction testing equipment, acknowledged by ICAO, offers precise and reliable measurements critical for adhering to safety standards.

Smets Technology is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Our operations are centered around the efficient and responsible use of water, significantly reducing the environmental impact. The design of our equipment focuses on resource efficiency, notably in reducing water consumption and ensuring lower after-sales costs.

Our customer-focused approach ensures that every product and service is specifically tailored to meet the distinct needs of each project. We collaborate closely with our clients, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations in rubber removal, demarking, retexturing, surface cleaning, and friction testing.

Benefit from over 45 years of practical experience:

  • No Chemicals, only water: Maximum cleaning performance with the lowest water consumption world-wide (only 1.4 liters per treated sqm)
  • Unique control: Fully controlled by a single touchscreen in the driver’s cabin
  • Longest warranty of all systems world-wide on the superstructure
  • Global design: All trucks are permitted to drive on public roads without the need to mount or dismantle anything
  • Fastest evacuation: Under 10 seconds with the push of a button
  • Lowest after-sales costs through unique nozzles, patented swivel and unique rotation system

The ARC-Series:

  • High Performing Rubber Removal Trucks
  • Compact Design
  • Lowest Water Consumption Per Treated M2
  • Demarking Cleaning Head And Front Crane As Additional Options

The MRT-Series:

  • Demarking Trucks With A Front Crane For The Removal Of Thermoplastics, Coldplastics And Paint Markings
  • Compact Design
  • Controllable By A Single Touchscreen In The Driver’s Cabin
  • Lowest Maintenance Costs From All Units World-Wide Due To Unique Nozzle Technology

Discover more about our cutting-edge solutions in rubber removal, demarking, retexturing, surface cleaning, and friction testing at Smets Technology GmbH


ARC 1000

The more movements (take-offs and landings) take place on a runway, the more rubber deposits (or carbon black deposits) remain on the surface. These deposits lead to poor friction in the rain and thus increase the …

ARC 1600

The ARC 1600® is our allrounder with 1,600mm working width. The ARC 1600 can also be used for marking removal (paint, thermoplastic and cold-plastic), retexturing, oil spillage cleaning and other surface cleaning applications. It is one of …

ARC 2400

The ARC 2400® is a compact, easy to maneuver vehicle with an extremely high performance. In addition to the rear jetting device (3 x 800 mm), side jetting devices with a max. working width of 360 …

ARC 3000

The ARC 3000® is a compact, easy to maneuver vehicle with an extremely powerful rubber removal, retexturing and demarking performance which can be built either on a 4-axle or 5-axle chassis or a semi-trailer. Each cleaning …

ARC 3400

The ARC 3400® is a compact surface treatment system designed for roughening (retexturing) of surfaces, rubber and paint marking removal on roads and airports (removal of traffic signs) as well as surface cleaning of roads …

MRT 300/1

The removal of road markings (lines and/or traffic signs) by means of high-pressure water is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The distance with our systems guarantees that no height profile is milled into the road surface. …

CSR Friction Tester

The ICAO confirmed CSR device has been designed to measure the friction values of runway and racetrack surfaces with utmost precision. The measuring device is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system. This enables reliable and efficient friction …

ELAtextur – Macro-Texture Measuring Device

ELAtextur is a cutting-edge device that accurately and quickly measures pavement macrotexture. With its high-resolution laser sensor, integrated Mini-PC, and advanced software, it provides precise MPD and ETD values. Data can be easily transferred via …

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