SMETS-Technology GmbH

Rubber & Paint Removal, Friction Testing Systems

The owners of the company SMETS-Technology GmbH are very experienced and have been in that field of business since 1975. SMETS-Technology has partnerships with long-term established, well-known companies for several products and special developments such as the ARC 1000®.

The Managing Director of Smets and his sales team concentrate on selling multipurpose vehicles for a wide range of cleaning applications in municipalities and in the contracting business (industrial cleaning).

The company attaches great importance to customer support in initial aspects of application technology, right up to the design and layout of specific vehicles required for the job to be done. And of course the service does not end here: Once the vehicle is handed over to the customer he receives professional on-the-job training and can rely on a competent after-sales service.

Long-term customer relations stand as a proof of acceptance of the products and customer satisfaction.

Company Profile

  • Runway Maintenance

    Airport runway pavement maintenance programmes worldwide use high pressure water jet cleaning systems at 2,500bar or 35,000psi as the best method to achieve efficient runway cleaning.

    Regardless of what your removal needs (including rubber and paint demarcation) are, our high pressure water jets will be able to do the job efficiently, and avoid the long-term damage to runways which is caused by other mechanical treatments or the environmental hazards created by usage of chemicals.

  • Airport Runway Cleaning

    The worldwide-accepted ARC 1000® has been thoroughly tested by airports around the globe to apply fully with today’s maintenance demands as the most advanced, efficient, time-saving airport runway cleaning system.

  • Our Range of Products

    • Runway cleaning trucks with high pressure water pumps (up to 2,750 bar) | ARC·1000®
    • Marking removal truck | MRT·300/2
    • Friction testing unit | Mu·Meter FT·256
    • Supporting Measuring Van | SMV316
    • Magnetic Crawler | MC 250
    • Sewer cleaning trucks (combined vehicles for cleaning and vacuuming, vacuum vehicles, cleaning vehicles)
    • Sewer inspection systems and vehicles | INSPECTOR 300
    • Accessories for sewer cleaning (maintenance and protection systems, hoses and cleaning pumps)
    • Nozzles for sewer cleaning and high pressure cleaning
    • Garbage trucks & industrial cleaning combination trucks
    • Small high pressure cleaning units for sewer pipes with reduced dimensions
    • Sweeping trucks
    • Tipping container trucks
    • Well cleaning and inspection trucks
    • Trucks for cleaning tanks or any other dangerous substances


SMETS-Technology GmbH
Flughafen Tempelhof
Gebaude D2
12101 Berlin
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