Slave Pallet System – Pallet Master Ride-On and Pallet Master Pedestrian


Pallet Master Ride-on version

  • Specially purpose designed for the manoeuvring of air cargo ULD’s on slave pallets. Nominal load 8,000 kg (6,800 kg for the ULD and max. 1,200 kg for  the slave pallet).
  • Expected life time before major refurbishment is 10 – 15 years in busy environments.
  • Robust and stable chassis and lift frame with two forks placed wide apart to ensure stabile and horizontal load at all times.
  • Hydraulic operated lift system to lift from 180 mm to 500 mm (with slave pallet: roller plane height from 270 mm to 550 mm). This enables slave pallets to be docked with existing roller conveyors at the standard 508 mm system height (20 inch dolly height).
  • Wheels, Vulkolan type:

– two sets of two supporting wheels in the forks

– one drive wheel (for traction and steering)

– two support castor wheels for the drive unit

  • Electronic MOSFET impulse drive control AC-2, with:

– Stepless acceleration

– Automatic reduced speed at low battery capacity

– Creep speed mode for manoeuvring in confined spaces

– Regenerative braking system and automatic electro-mechanical parking brake.

  • Indicator for clear display of:

– Battery condition

– Operating hours

– Maintenance intervals

– Error codes.

  • Battery endurance / consumption:

Power consumption is highly dependent on type of use, loading and distances covered. With standard traction battery 8 hour typical use

  • Standard Battery Charger: 48 VDC 60A (pedestrian) 80 A (ride-on), 3-phase
  • SACO Colours: Yellow RAL 1007 and Blue RAL 5002

Pallet Master Pedestrian version

  • LD3 pedestrian version of the Pallet Master, for walking operator, fitted with tiller arm for steering. Nominal load 4,000 kg specially adapted or handling LD3 (AKE) containers and 5 ft pallets.
  • Integrated weighing system with load cells connected to a digital weight indicator placed near the operator.
  • Battery charger:

– with Electrolyte Acid circulation

– with optional automatic water filling system.

  • Spare battery.
  • Battery charging station with charger and fixed roller conveyor.
  • Battery changing trolley with roller conveyor.
  • Customised colouring and/or lettering.
  • Extended fork tines: Length 3,230 instead of 2,600 mm

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Pallet Master Ride-On


Nom Val: 8000 kg (17636.98 lb)

Pallet Master Pedestrian:


Nom Val: 4000 kg (8818.49 lb)