Airport News

Airport News

East Midlands Airport has announced it has become the first UK airport to reach the target of carbon neutral ground operations following an extensive £4 million carbon reduction programme including a focus on producing renewable energy.

Carbon emissions were reduced by 3,578 tonnes in 2011 through energy reduction and renewable energy, meaning that the airport is now in its first financial year of carbon neutral operations.

Neil Robinson, corporate affairs director at Manchester Airports Group (MAG) which operates the airport, said, "I'm delighted and proud East Midlands Airport has become the UK’s first airport to have carbon neutral ground operations. It is a considerable achievement and the result of a lot of hard work by an extremely dedicated team.

"Today's announcement is the strongest possible proof that we have gone farther than any other airport in the UK and we’re looking forward to sharing our experience across the industry to reduce carbon emissions.

“Being part of a larger airport Group has allowed East Midlands Airport to contribute to the targets set by Government and we will continue to work closely with our industry partners and airlines to make a further positive contribution.”

The announcement was made as part of the release of MAG’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Annual Report and Accounts, which outlines its achievements in a number of areas, including the environment, the community, colleagues and customers. The report was verified by the Global Reporting Initiative and was awarded an A+ level.