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Tensator adds push button panel to virtual assistants

Tensator has added a new push button panel to its Virtual Assistant Ultra providing extra information for users and the ability to switch language more quickly through the push button menus.

Airport passengers can now select from 11 additional menu items. Each button on the 20 x 20 inch panel corresponds to a particular message or language, which is then presented by the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra when the push button is pressed. 

“Tensator has been focused on both implementing customer requirements across key vertical markets and on delivering the most advanced and the highest quality next generation digital solutions,” said Bill Vetter, SVP and general manager, Tensator. “Our interactivity panel enhances and extends the informative and branding capabilities of the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra empowering customers, passengers and patients with the choice to have life-like, pertinent information at the touch of a button and on demand.”

The new push button panel will particularly benefit users that require multi-lingual communications. The panel will also aid travellers in need of advice or directional messages.

The interactive push button panel interface is customisable and can contain the client’s own branding, the client can also incorporate media, visuals and video into the messages. The technology also contains a built-in reporting tool that provides details of how many times each piece of media has been played and the time of day it was played.

Tensator’s virtual assistants are currently installed at Dubai, Boston Logan, Dulles, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham and London Luton airports.