Airport News

Airport News
The European Parliament has adopted a new regulation on the establishment of rules and procedures with regard to the introduction of noise-related operating restrictions at European airports.

Airlines and airports welcomed the clarification and harmonisation of the methodology, which will need to be followed prior to the introduction of any new noise mitigating measures.

Without undermining the decision-making power of local authorities, the new legislation will require the adoption of new measures to be preceded by a comprehensive noise assessment.

The regulation is in line with the ‘balanced approach’, an international policy endorsed by all member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

As part of the agreement, nearby residents should be kept better informed of restrictions and noise-related health problems should be given more consideration.

Potential effects on the economy and impact on the capacity of air transport in Europe will also be taken into account.

ACI Europe, director general, Olivier Jankovec, explains today’s result is ‘welcome news’.

“Thanks to the strengthened application of ICAO’s ‘balanced approach’ at the initiative of the European Commission, the assessment of operating restrictions will now become more transparent and robust.

“Once in place, this new regulation should not only open up better lines of communication between the EU and national authorities dealing with this issue, it will also help reinforce dialogue between all the different stakeholders involved," Jankovec adds.

A joint statement was issued by Jankovec with Athar Husain Khan, CEO of the Association of European Airlines (AEA).