Global Airport News

Global Airport News

The British Airport Operators Association (AOA) has told the Guardian newspaper in the UK that it intends to seek help to overcome financial issues brought on by the aviation industry's reaction to the credit crisis.

It said that passenger numbers have fallen 10% bringing profits down by 18%, and the expenditure on the development of facilities is expected to be halved.

The AOA also told the Guardian that it expected a tenth of all scheduled routes will be lost this year as a direct result of the recession. Several airports have even recorded a loss.

In a letter written by the association to UK Secretary of State for Transport Geoff Hoon, the association requests the government remove new policies and legislation it says will further increase the financial burden to airports.

Airports have already started cutting back staff and implementing their own charges for items such as clear plastic bags, parking and luggage trolleys to make up for lost profit.

The AOA also requests the government postpone proposals for using radar and VHF systems which will see them pay more, and amend the new police and crime bill, under which they will have to pay more towards policing.