Goa International launches airport operations control center and help desk

Airports Authority of India (AAI) has opened an Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC) and a help desk at Goa International Airport, as part of the authority’s efforts to improve passenger facilitation at its airports.

Goa is the 12th AIA airport to have an AOCC. The center will provide on flight information displays real-time flight information including actual time of arrival/departure, boarding gate number for departing passengers, and baggage conveyor number for arriving passengers. It will also help AAI, airline operators and ground handling agencies to ensure optimum utilization of available resources.

AAI has also awarded an expenditure contract for the operation and management of a help desk and reserve lounges at Goa International Airport. The dedicated help desk will provide flight information and assistance to passengers/visitors during their travel through the airport.

This help desk will also supervise the operations of airlines as well as the ground-handling agencies at the airport. A dedicated around-the-clock helpline number will also be launched soon.