Lithuanian Airports are looking for a duty-free shop operator

Lithuanian Airports (LTOU) is launching an international lease tender to select a duty-free shop operator for Vilnius and Kaunas airports. The selected partner is expected to start operations at Vilnius and Kaunas airports in 2025. LTOU representatives say that the tender is expected to attract the attention of international market players and applications are expected by the second half of September.

The future duty-free operator will lease and operate in a total of 2,574 sqm of space at the airports in the capital and Kaunas.

Currently, both Vilnius and Kaunas airports have Heinemann Duty Free stores operated by Travel Retail Vilnius.

It is recalled that a total of four international tenders for the selection of leasing partners have been announced or will be announced in 2024. The first one was announced for the operator of an everyday convenience store, and now the selection of a duty-free operator has been announced.

One tender has also already been launched for the selection of a catering operator, which will set up and operate six catering outlets at Vilnius Airport. Later this year, another tender for a catering operator will be launched for the installation and management of three catering facilities.

Strategic infrastructure development

Strategic infrastructure development projects are currently underway at both Vilnius and Kaunas airports: a new departures terminal is being built in Vilnius, the passenger terminal is being reconstructed in Kaunas.

It is estimated that by 2025, these passenger terminal expansion projects will enable Lithuanian airports to handle a 10 million passengers per year.

In 2025, once the construction of Vilnius Airport’s new departures terminal is completed and all the systems required for the departures process have been relocated there, reconstruction of the existing space in the current terminal will begin, with the conversion of the existing terminal into commercially viable space.

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