Port Authority and Clear Channel Bring New All-Digital Media Program to New York’s Airports

  • Transformative New All-Digital Media Network Unveiled as Part of LaGuardia’s Reimagined Terminal C; Award-Winning Digital Media Program Completed at Terminal B 
  • Cutting Edge Digital Infrastructure Coming to International Airports at JFK and Newark Liberty 
  • Thousands of Square Feet of Digital Displays Strategically Placed to Lift Brand Campaigns to New Altitudes as Business, Leisure Travel Soar 

Transformative New All-Digital Media Network Unveiled as Part of LaGuardia’s Reimagined Terminal C.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Clear Channel Airports (CCA), the Americas-based airports business of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., have announced new, world-class digital media infrastructure at the region’s airports, including the unveiling of a transformative, new all-digital media network as part of LaGuardia’s reimagined Terminal C.

The Port Authority and Clear Channel signed a 12-year contract in November 2020 for the advertising franchise at all Port Authority airports. Under the contract, Clear Channel committed to upgrade the airports’ digital displays. Clear Channel is now in the process of completing that contract and modernizing the entire advertising program across Newark Liberty International, John F. Kennedy International, New York Stewart International and LaGuardia airports, with over 95 percent of the overall investment going into highly impactful digital displays. An award-winning digital media program was completed at LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B earlier this year, with cutting-edge digital displays now coming to EWR and JFK later this year.

Specifically, the new all-digital displays in Terminal C feature:

  • Two unique 50+ foot-wide head-on, 90-degree corner LED soffits, a first and the largest digital asset CCA has ever installed in an airport;
  • An iconic 43-foot-wide video wall at eye-level, one of the largest of its kind;
  • Six large LED displays positioned within key gate-hold areas;
  • A network of 98-inch ultra-high-definition displays on the way to and from piers;
  • Two head-on large format video walls as you descend into baggage claim; and
  • A network of 75-inch portrait ultra-high-definition displays across the arrivals floor.

The recovery in air travel this spring and summer — with some days exceeding pre-COVID 19 levels — signals that business and leisure travelers are once again headed to conferences, meetings and tourist destinations. The growing number of travelers is creating an advertising environment for brands to reconnect with this valuable audience at LGA, JFK and EWR. Importantly, air travel returning to pre-pandemic levels is now driving a resurgence in airport advertising that opens the door for marketers to help shape the consumer experience and journey in major airports.

It takes state-of-the-art technology to create a world-class airport, and that’s exactly what Clear Channel has provided with its investment in cutting edge digital technology throughout our facilities,said Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton. “Spacious interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows, inspiring public art, iconic restaurants and shops and Clear Channel’s extraordinary digital displays all combine to meet the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s new standard in airports: award-winning, best-in-class facilities worthy of the region.

The new digital media infrastructure being rolled out at our facilities matches the agency’s transformative redevelopment efforts across the region,said Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole. Modernizing our advertising platforms is just another step in the Port Authority’s broader efforts to provide a world-class, 21st century travel experience for our customers.

The quality of the media Clear Channel is designing and integrating into Port Authority airports is more than world-class and will play a vital role in transforming the passenger and advertiser experience as well as redefining airport media,said John Moyer, SVP, Development, CCA.The new state of the art LaGuardia Terminal C digital media network is elegantly incorporated into the spectacular terminal design and positioned and sized for maximum impact. Unique new 90-degree digital corner locations are also perfect to showcase anamorphic content as well as being among the best media in the region.

Overall, the new media network in LaGuardia Terminal C alone amounts to nearly 2,000 square feet of digital signage, most of it head-on or in high dwell areas with more to come as other concourses are opened.

As LaGuardia is a point of welcome and farewell for passengers in the NY/NJ region, Clear Channel is uniquely poised to help brands connect with these key airport arrival and departure audiences throughout the area in a 360-degree experience by reaching them on its myriad displays at the airport and throughout the city and region wherever they drive, walk or fly.