Airport News

Airport News

Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton, has given media a tour behind the scenes of the Terminal 4 PHX Sky Train Station at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Serving Sky Harbor’s busiest terminal, the PHX Sky Train Terminal 4 station will provide an important link for travellers using East Economy parking or METRO light rail.

Travellers will enter and exit the station through two portals, located on the gate level of Terminal 4, making it easy for travelers to walk from the station to their gates.

“This station is convenient as possible for travellers,” Stanton said. “It is on the level easiest for the vast number of passengers.”

The Terminal 4 Station features public art creatively incorporated into the design and construction.

A multi-coloured floor features more than 1,000 embedded metal letters and is inspired by the idea of chance discoveries in travel.

There are also two large, glass murals, that extend along the bridges connecting Terminal 4 to the PHX Sky Train Station. 

The murals are printed and hand-painted with imagery of leaves from trees that grow in Arizona. 

The electric automated PHX Sky Train will open in early 2013. It will operate seven days a week, 365 days a year and be free of charge.

“This is an investment in our future,” said Stanton. The greatest asset we have is a well-functioning, growing and efficient airport.”

The PHX Sky Train will serve all three terminals by early 2015.  It will continue to the Rental Car Centre in its final phase of construction.