Larnaka Airport to expand auto-electronic gates system

As part of an ongoing effort to upgrade its services, Hermes Airports announces the expansion of the auto – electronic gates system at Larnaka Intern ational Airport.

Overall, seven electronic gates are now in operation, all of them located in the departures area (check-in) serving departing passengers. It should be noted that the automatic – electronic entry gates system allows the traveling public, carrying a printed copy of the airline’s boarding pass, to proceed directly to the security check and then to the retail area and departure gates of the terminal.

The process of using this system is very simple and only requires the scanning of the boarding pass of each passenger. The system of automatic – electronic gates, can serve up to 1,800 passengers per hour, a fact which is expected to contribute significantly to the reduction of the total queuing time of the traveling public and the number of passengers that until recently had to be served at the Check – in points exclusively.

Hermes has also upgraded its “Express  Lane” facility, allowing  airlines to offer this service directly to their customers by employing an automated procedure integrating relevant settings in their client’s boarding tickets. In this context, Hermes Airports, welcomes Aegean’s decision to be the first to proceed with necessary arrangements for the provision of this service and encourages all other airlines to do the same. The utilization of the auto – electronic gates system, is also expected  to expand to Pafos International Airport, soon.