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Sofia Airport introduces electronic border control counters
















Sofia Airport has become the first airport in Bulgaria to introduce electronic border control counters that will allow European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss passengers to pass through the gate automatically.

The four counters are situated in Terminal 2 and can be used by passengers over 18 years of age. The check consists of reading biometric data (fingerprints) in ID documents and face recognition. After placing the ID card or passport inside the device, it automatically performs an authenticity check. If there is no problem, the high-technology system scans and compares the instant picture and the ID picture. In case of discrepancy, the device blocks the passenger and alarms Border Police officers.

The new electronic system is expected to reduce the time passengers spend at security checkpoints to 7-10 each seconds and will boost the efficiency of security at Sofia Airport.

Such electronic systems is in operation at Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Heathrow, Portugal and Helsinki airports. It functions 24 hours a day, allows reprogramming for other countries meeting the requirements and it is part of EU Smart Borders initiative.