Airport News

Airport News

Munich Airport has installed six InfoGates in the public and non-public areas of Terminal 2 that allow passengers to instantly start a videoconference with an information service agent at the touch of a button.

The InfoGate counters have already been successfully installed in Terminal 1 and will now provide quality information in areas of Terminal 2 that previously had no information service coverage.

In addition to the devices offering individual service, airport visitors can also use the 10 new interactive InfoGate pillars. Via touchscreen, users can access a range of information on services, shopping and dining at the airport.

The information pillars also display a computer-animated airport map to show the quickest route to a gate, shop or restaurant and the system computes the distance and the estimated walking time to the indicated destination (gate, shop, etc.).

Following the successful launch of this technology, which Munich Airport developed in-house, the concept is now beginning to arouse great interest from airports in other countries. The new 100% subsidiary established in the spring of this year – InfoGate Seite 1 von 2 Information Systems GmbH – is marketing the system worldwide.