Airport News

Airport News

Renovation work on “centralised security” at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will start this year.

The adaptation, from a decentralised system, is being made to offer more comfort to passengers and to make the boarding process more efficient for both airlines and passengers, the airport said.

The changes will also enable the airport to continue to meet current and new European regulations.

Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol Group’s president and CEO, said: “It is a major operation that will have repercussions on much of the airport.

"In addition to the introduction of central security, we are currently preparing an investment programme for the further development of our Mainport.

"To that end, exact plans will be specified in detail in the months ahead in consultation with our key stakeholders.

"It is important if we are to proudly maintain the Mainport in the future. It requires wise and managed investment. We will do this step by step."

Schiphol welcomed 51 million passengers in 2012, a rise of 2.6% and a new record for the airport.

Freight saw a 3% decrease, bringing the total to 1.5 million tonnes.

Nijhuis added: “The transport results are good and better than expected, for both passengers and freight.

“In 2012, we welcomed the 50 millionth passenger to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. What's more, the network, that is important for the retention of an attractive business climate in the Netherlands, was expanded from 313 to 317 direct destinations. A magnificent performance from our domestic carrier KLM and the other airlines.”

Nijhuis said the airport was expecting a small increase in the number of passengers and “a slight shrinkage in freight” in 2013.