Airport News

Airport News

The cross-runway at Brisbane Airport has re-opened after being closed in October last year.

The runway was closed to allow for preparatory works for the new parallel runway as part of a €40 million construction program.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) CEO, Julieanne Alroe, said the re-opening would be welcomed by the aviation industry.

She said: “The cross-runway is a shorter, narrower runway which means its use is limited to smaller aircraft typically used on regional routes, as well as the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

“In the right conditions, up to five arriving flights an hour can potentially be put on this runway, freeing up capacity on the Main Runway for larger aircraft.”

With extreme weather events interrupting the construction works in the last three months, Alroe said every available resource had been engaged to make up for lost time.

She added: “The project team has worked around the clock to complete this extensive project as soon as possible despite enduring over 450mm of rain in January and February which resulted in around 20 days delay to the construction program since the Australia Day weekend rains.”