Airport News

Airport News

Warsaw Chopin Airport served its 10 millionth passenger this year today – the first time it has hit the figure in its history.

The lucky passenger was Anna Hollande from Łódź, in Poland, who was travelling for leisure on a LOT Polish Airlines to New York.

Chopin Airport’s authorities offered her free entry to Executive Lounges and the airline, gave her the opportunity to travel in business class.

Hollande says: “I am very happy to be the ten millionth passenger. I think Chopin Airport is a very nice place and we have nothing to be ashamed of compared to other international airports.”

Last year saw the previous record for passenger numbers at Chopin Airport, when 9,587,000 million travellers used the facility.

Michał Marzec, director of Chopin Airport, says it was more success than the airport had hoped for and earlier forecasts found 2013 was supposed to be less busy than 2012.