Airport News

Airport News

The International Terminal at Brisbane Airport is set to undergo an AU$45m (£25m) redevelopment project to showcase the lifestyle and natural assets of the airport’s surrounding area.

Announced by the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) today (4 December), the transformation will allow the airport to better reflect the character of Brisbane and the spirit of Queensland.

CEO and managing director of BAC, Julieanne Alroe, said, “Queensland and our cosmopolitan capital city are among the most liveable places on the planet and this project gave us the opportunity to reflect our enviable lifestyle and natural assets in the vibrant redevelopment of the International Terminal.”

Local architects Richards and Spence, and Brisbane-based Arkhefield have been assigned to the project, which will feature distinctly Brisbane designs and provide additional space for local retailers to showcase their goods.

“We wanted the International Terminal to feel like it couldn’t be anywhere other than Brisbane, so it was important for us to engage local expertise in Richards and Spence and Arkhefield because they understand Brisbane and have been responsible for developing a new and very contemporary take on the Queensland architectural style,” Alroe explained.

Queensland artists Sally Gabori and Sebastian Moody have also been commissioned to be part of the creative process of increasing the airport’s collection of public art at both terminals.

The airport has also brought on board
a global travel, transport and branding guru, Tyler Brule, to cast his eye over the project.

Works on the redevelopment, the most ambitious project since the terminal's opening in 1995, are set to commence in February 2014.

After two and half years of planning, the project is earmarked for
completion in mid-2015.