Airport News

Airport News
A five-year capital improvement plan (CIP) for development of the Marion Municipal Airport in the US state of Ohio has been approved.

The CIP has been rubber-stamped by the Marion Board of Airport Commissioners.

The plan outlines more than $8 million of planned additions and improvements, including a parallel taxiway in 2014 and $2 million taxiway to help increase safety at the airport along Runway 15-33.

Jim McKinney, Marion board president, says: “The board is highly anticipating growth for the airport and the region over the next five years through the execution of these planned additions and improvements.

“Support from the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration continues to be an integral part of moving these projects along.” 

Other projects in the CIP include an apron extension in 2016, to help with aircraft maneuverability and allow for space to build corporate hangars and the airport is also planning to add a T hangar.

“The T hangar will not only allow the airport to generate revenue, it will in turn benefit the local economy by providing visitors with a space to store aircraft and allowing them to extend their visits,” says McKinney. “This hangar will help attract future business opportunities to the area.”

Plans for 2018 and 2019 include a snow removal equipment building as well as additional roadway and taxiway rehabilitation projects to continue to improve safety for pilots and increase the life of the airport’s pavement.

The airport also continues to strive towards self-sufficiency and energy reduction analysis and projects are being reviewed to better lower overall maintenance cost of the airport.

“The board is seeing more business-related traffic and is excited about the opportunity the airport brings to the city of Marion and economic development,” adds McKinney.