Airport News

Airport News

Australia’s first new airport in 50 years – Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport – has chosen a Queensland firm for its flight information display system (FIDS).

The Toowoomba located airport is set to be operational later this year, and Intersystems has been awarded the contract.

Intersystems CEO Bruce Allen, says he is delighted to able to provide the company’s RapidFIDS and RapidADS systems.

"The Brisbane West Wellcamp project was important for us to secure because of its uniqueness in the Australian context and its proximity to our head office.
“The runway is already taking shape and we’re looking forward to delivering the project this year.

“With Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport's first flights expected in October, the airport is undoubtedly going to be a key infrastructure asset for Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia as a whole,” adds Allen.

RapidFIDS will drive arrival and departure listing displays, check-in displays, gate displays and baggage carousel displays.

Allen explained it will also provide airport advertising and content management system that would be integrated into the FIDS display network and is has been designed to scale with the airport as it grew in size and capacity.

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport general manager, Phil Gregory, says construction of the airport is on track to be fully operational later this year and airline negotiations are well underway.

"The runway is almost complete and our passenger terminal is now well underway so we are looking forward to seeing the first flights appearing on our new FIDS displays in the near future," says Gregory.

The A$100-million-plus airport, will feature a terminal with extensive retail space, 2.87km runway and business park and the first flights are expected in October this year.