Airport News

Airport News
Heathrow Airport Limited has awarded the inter-terminal bus contract to connect all four of its terminals – soon to be five – to Omniserv.

The subsidiary of ABM will transport passengers transiting through the airport’s terminals and has signed a five-year deal which commences on April 1, when it will take over from existing provider NSL.

It gives Omniserv the opportunity to influence every touch-point in a passenger’s journey at the world’s third busiest airport.

The firm already has current contracts to provide assistance to passengers with reduced mobility, as well as an ambassador contract, which handles many of the current passenger touch-points.

Ernie Patterson, chairman of Omniserv, says: “This is a huge win for us and we are delighted that we are now able to influence and enhance the entire end-to-end passenger experience whether departing, arriving or connecting.”

Omniserv says it can now create a seamless and elevated customer service proposition for all passengers that travel through Heathrow, and it now employs 1,400 people at the gateway.

Mark Hicks, head of passenger support Services at Heathrow, says: “We enjoy a long-standing relationship with Omniserv and are delighted to extend our partnership further by awarding our inter-terminal bus contract to them.

“We look forward to working closely with Omniserv and its ambassadors to further enhance the excellent service Heathrow has to offer in making every journey better.”