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Airport News

Master Plan approved for Canberra Airport in Australia

The Australian Government has approved Canberra Airport’s 2014 Master Plan, setting out the airport’s strategic direction for the next 20 years.

The Master Plan proposes to capitalize on the new passenger terminal at Canberra Airport by targeting the long-awaited commencement of flights to international destinations and by low-cost carriers.

The Master Plan also provides for ongoing upgrades to aircraft taxiways and parking aprons and improved road and transport facilities.

Warren Truss, Deputy Prime Minister and minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, said, “Canberra Airport boasts the nation’s newest passenger terminal and the commencement of international flights as outlined in the 2014 Master Plan will be an important step in promoting the Canberra region as a jewel in the nation’s tourism crown.

“Canberra Airport plays a significant role in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) economy, generating jobs, investment and tourism. Ongoing investment in the airport will provide benefits to the local, regional and national economies for many years to come.”

In 2010, Canberra Airport and businesses operating on the airport provided more than 12,000 jobs and directly contributed AU$1.34bn (US$1.1bn) to the ACT economy. By 2030, it is estimated Canberra Airport will contribute more than AU$2.4bn (US$1.9bn) per annum to the economy and provide nearly 21,000 jobs.