Airport News

Airport News

German trade union Verdi has called on security personnel to go on strike at three German regional airports — Hamburg, Stuttgart and Hannover — on Monday, leading airline Lufthansa to cancel 18 planned flights.

The strike is intended to increase pressure over stalled wage negotiations in three German federal states, Verdi said in a statement on Sunday.

Lufthansa cancelled 18 domestic flights for Monday in anticipation. Hamburg Airport said many of its passengers, which average 40,000 per day, would be affected, with significant delays at security checkpoints.

The strike affects workers in security operations, including those inspecting freight.

Many of those workers earn the federal minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour or nine euros per hour, the union said. It wants wage increases of between 70 cents and 2.50 euros per hour.

"Security has its price," the trade union said.

Airport operator Fraport, which has a 30 percent stake in the Hannover-Langerhagen Airport, declined to comment.