Airport News

Airport News

Swiss-based security solutions provider Kaba has installed its latest exit-lane technology in the newly expanded TSA security screening area at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport in Virginia, USA.

The new technology forms part of Kaba’s one-way exit corridor solution, which controls passenger flow while preventing unauthorized airside entry or security breaches. The stand-alone integrated system monitors, alerts and notifies airport security personnel of any intrusion events and detects suspicious or unattended objects.

Melinda Crawford, executive director for Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, said, “In order to provide top-notch amenities and a pleasant traveling environment, we embarked on a project that would not only meet today’s travelers’ wants but address the growing needs of passengers throughout central Virginia.

“We needed newer technology that would increase passenger throughput as well as accommodate our size, location and budget. The Kaba corridor was the perfect solution for the scope of our project.”

David Wurtz, director of business development, Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas, said, “Kaba corridors have undergone independent evaluations, successfully preventing an exit lane breach without the presence of a guard. If we took a snapshot of the airport industry today, there is growing concern about recent changes in exit lane staffing requirements. The Kaba corridor offers a viable solution that eliminates the recurring costs associated with staffing exit lanes with a relatively short return on investment.”