First Ground Broken for Avinor Oslo Airport Expansion

On Monday 1 October the expansion project for the area beyond the passport control at Avinor Oslo Airport started. Passengers will only be affected to a minor degree.

Three of the current gates will be removed during the development period, and this entails somewhat less capacity in the area beyond the passport checkpoint for the next few years.

We want to keep consequences for passengers to a minimum, but somewhat more busing to aircraft may occur for some passengers until we have finished,says airport director Øyvind Hasaas.

He points to the experience gained when building the new Oslo Airport as valuable when this area of the airport is to be developed.

Passengers will to the least possible extent be impacted by us building at an airport in full operation. We have prior experience of this, and I am very certain that we once again will complete a major development project on schedule and within the framework that is set,” he says.

To meet the growth in travel outside of the Schengen area, Avinor will extend the area after the passport control point at Oslo Airport. The development will result in a new extension 30,000 square metres in size at the end of the current area, which will mean more space, new gates suitable for larger aircraft and new commercial areas.

This extension is important in order to develop Norway’s main airport as an international hub. This will provide Norway with more added value, because developments in traffic volumes to and from countries outside the Schengen area has been significantly greater than growth within the area. The extension of this area will improve conditions for passengers, airlines and other players here at Oslo Airport“, concludes Hasaas.

According to plan, the extension of Oslo Airport will be completed in the second quarter of 2022.