Frankfurt Airport unveils new hanging garden

Frankfurt Airport has unveiled new hanging gardens and other green spaces in its departure lounges and waiting areas. It believes that the “enormous greened walls in the departures hall of Terminal 2 are real eye-catchers”.

Measuring about 135 square meters and covered with live plants, they also provide oxygen from photosynthesis, improve acoustics, and reduce carbon dioxide concentrations and dust in the air. The art of integrating plants in walls is known as ‘vertical greening’ or ‘vertical gardens’ and is based on hydroculture techniques.  The plants grow in special mats without soil and are automatically irrigated with the aid of a drainage system.

Frankfurt Airport now sports various types of ferns, climbing plants, and spider plants. It notes that Flamingo flowers “add dashes of red to the green sea”. The hanging gardens are located in Concourses D and E.

Green islands create feel-good ambiance, and that’s not all as the installation of new light-colored, modern seating areas, each featuring approximately 110 comfortable seats, are surrounded by artificial plants and trees that visually shield the triangular islands from the hustle and bustle of the terminals.

Indeed, the airport states that “oases of tranquility” are the perfect palce to relax or read a book. The furniture provides the ultimate in sitting comfort and includes armrests, small round tables, power outlets, and USB ports. Special lighting adds to the special feel-good atmosphere right in the middle of the publicly accessible parts of the terminals.

Airport operator, Fraport, points out that it is constantly looking at ways of enhancing the passenger experience and customer satisfaction levels at Germany’s largest airport.