Global Airport News

Global Airport News

Global sales of paid-for airline extras, such as checked-in baggage, food and drink, increased by €3.32 billion in 2009, to €11 billion.

According to research from Amadeus and Ideaworks, revenues from these ancillary sales became a "crucial component" of overall revenue for airlines, in a year dominated by the global recession.

The top two airlines in terms of sales, United and American Airlines, made more than €1.5 billion in revenue each from ancillary products in 2009.

Ancillary sales also includes profits from hotel bookings via an airline's website, and credit and debit card fees.

Half of the top 10 airlines worldwide, in terms of percentage of total, were from the United Kingdom or Ireland.

In third place globally was Ryanair, followed by Easyjet. and Aer Lingus came in at sixth and seventh place, while Flybe was number nine overall.

Midlands based airline Jet2, however, beat the other UK airlines in terms of the revenue per passenger from ancillary sales, recording a total of €22.35 for each traveller, putting the airline in second place globally, after the US low cost carrier Allegiant.

Aer Lingus, at sixth place made €16.72 per passenger in revenue, while Easyjet beat Ryanair into tenth place with €13.47 per passenger.